Sir Charles Lucas

Standard Name: Lucas, Sir Charles,, 1612 - 1648


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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Lady Hester Pulter
As science, religion, and mythology meet in these poems, so do the public-political and the personal. Elegies lament both the violent deaths of royalist leaders Sir Charles Lucas (elder brother of the poet Margaret Cavendish
Violence Margaret Cavendish
Margaret Cavendish , at this time Marchioness of Newcastle (in exile in Rotterdam), heard of the execution of her brother Charles , and of the desecration of the graves of her mother and eldest sister.
Jones, Kathleen. A Glorious Fame: The Life of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, 1623-1673. Bloomsbury.
68, 70


June 1648: Royalists commanded by Sir Charles Lucas...

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June 1648

Royalists commanded by Sir Charles Lucas were besieged in Colchester by parliamentarian forces under Sir Thomas Fairfax .


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