New Model Army


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Occupation John Bunyan
JB joined the New Model Army in November 1644, before his sixteenth birthday, and served as a soldier for two and a half years, an experience which, says the ODNB, must have been grim...
politics Anna Trapnel
Apart from her own needs, she sold her rings and silver plate in response to an appeal for funds for the parliamentary army .
Purkiss, Diane. The English Civil War, A People’s History. Harper Perennial, 2007.
Textual Production Mary Cary
She later said that the resurrection in question was connected with the formation of Cromwell 's New Model Army in April 1645. This work is available via Early English Books Online, together with the...
Violence Elizabeth Warren
At some date during the English Civil War, Cromwell 's army laid waste the parish church of Woodbridge.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


April 1645
Cromwell formed his New Model Army , the first approximation to a modern, disciplined, professional fighting body.
14 June 1645
Cromwell 's New Model Army scored its first signal victory, at the battle of Naseby in Northamptonshire. This defeat for Charles I was a step towards his surrender in May 1646 and the end...
From Summer 1645
Oliver Cromwell 's New Model Army gradually prevailed against Charles I .
8 February 1647
Elizabeth Lilburne was arrested for circulating pamphlets by her husband, John Lilburne , a leader of the group later called Levellers (who published nearly forty such works between spring 1640 and late September 1649).
3 June 1647
Charles I passed into the custody of Cromwell 's New Model Army at Holmby in Northamptonshire.
6 August 1647
Cromwell 's New Model Army marched on London to quell an attempted Presbyterian counter-revolution.
From 9 September 1647
The Putney Debates began with weekly meetings of the General Council of the New Model Army in Putney church.
15 November 1647
After the Putney Debates the Levellers planned another meeting with the New Model Army at Ware in Hertfordshire. Cromwell , however, intervened.