Mary Carey

Standard Name: Carey, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Jackson
Married Name: Mary Payler
Titled: Mary Carey,,, Lady
Pseudonym: Maria Carey
Used Form: Mary Cary
MC wrote in prose and verse, in the mid seventeenth century, about her spiritual life and her trials (notably, the deaths of her children).


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Occupation Germaine Greer
GG 's love of books also expresses itself acquisitively. She says she is not really a collector, but admits: Some people read Cosmopolitan, but I read Christie's catalogues.
Healey, R. M. “Interview with Germaine Greer”. Book and Magazine Collector, Vol.
, pp. 26-34.
She names as the most...
Textual Features Elizabeth (Cavendish) Egerton, Countess of Bridgewater
These prose writings, predominantly religious in tone, are like Jane Cavendish 's writings almost all connected with family. Here, however, the family is not a network of individuals wielding power in the social sphere, but...
Textual Features Germaine Greer
Its nearly fifty poets include Margaret Cavendish , Katherine Philips , and Aphra Behn ; however, the anthology also presents more obscure writers like Diana Primrose , An Collins , Mary Carey , Anna Trapnel
Textual Features Lady Hester Pulter
Eardley argues that LHP is unusual among writers of poetry in her day because she seems not to have written for circulation even in manuscript, and because of the confessional element in her poems.
Pulter, Lady Hester. “Introduction”. Poems, Emblems, and The Unfortunate Florinda, edited by Alice Eardley, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, pp. 1-40.
Textual Features Elizabeth Walker
EW 's account of her own life shows her pride in her forebears and her pleasure in anecdotes from which she can draw a moral lesson. She treats her childbirth experiences succinctly, linking them to...


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Carey, Mary. Meditations and Poetry.