Lion Feuchtwanger

Standard Name: Feuchtwanger, Lion


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Intertextuality and Influence Phyllis Bentley
Her epigraph comes from The Ugly Duchess by the German writer Lion Feuchtwanger : Sleep in Peace, father! I will be different from you.The Ugly Duchess: a historical romance, set in the fourteenth-century...
Literary responses Sybille Bedford
It brought her, firstly a line-by-line teacherly analysis from Lion Feuchtwanger , finding fault with her for bad style and immature thinking, and secondly the attention of officialdom. Because of that review, she writes, her...
Material Conditions of Writing Willa Muir
Six months after giving birth to her son, WM did a little light translation of two plays by Feuchtwanger , while Edwin was finishing a small book (his The Structure of the Novel, 1928)...
Residence Sybille Bedford
Later, after the Reichstag fire in the spring of 1933, distinguished exiles from Nazi Germany, Jews and left-wingers who got out early, began to choose Sanary as their temporary home: Bertolt Brecht , Thomas Mann
Textual Production Willa Muir
Martin Secker published a translation, listed as by both Willa and Edwin Muir , of Lion Feuchtwanger 's novel Jew Süss.
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Textual Production Willa Muir
By April 1927, the Muirs were commissioned to translate another Feuchtwanger historical romance: The Ugly Duchess appeared by the end of this year.
Muir, Willa. Belonging. Hogarth Press.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
It did not achieve the popular and critical acclaim of the...


10 May 1933: Following a speech from Joseph Goebbels,...

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10 May 1933

Following a speech from Joseph Goebbels , over 40,000 people participated in burning books to cleanse German literature and root out Jewish intellectualism.


Feuchtwanger, Lion. Jew Süss. Translators Muir, Willa and Edwin Muir, M. Secker, 1926.