Sir Thomas Lawrence

Standard Name: Lawrence, Sir Thomas


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Education Jane Marcet
Jane Haldimand was educated at home, where she read widely in both English and French. She had lessons from tutors in mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy (the last-named a close relation of modern science. Her...
Friends, Associates Maria Callcott
During the early years of her first marriage, between her time in India and in Italy, Maria Graham (later MC ) met Jane Marcet and the publisher John Murray .
Gotch, Rosamund Brunel. Maria, Lady Callcott, The Creator of ’Little Arthur’. J. Murray.
153-4, 166
Then or later...
Friends, Associates Maria Riddell
In England as in Scotland MR had a wide circle of friends. They included the artists Thomas Lawrence and Henry Fuseli and the writers Samuel Rogers , Richard Sharp , and Sir James Mackintosh ...
Instructor Louisa Anne Meredith
Sir Thomas Lawrence , President of the Royal Academy , tutored Louisa Anne Twamley (later LAM ) privately in art.
Rae-Ellis, Vivienne. Louisa Anne Meredith: A Tigress in Exile. St David’s Park.
Intertextuality and Influence Catherine Fanshawe
Lines from this poem suggested to Sir Thomas Lawrence the group portrait he entitled The Calmady Children or Mr. Calmady's Children.
Fanshawe, Catherine. Memorials of Miss Catherine Maria Fanshawe. Editor Harness, William, Privately printed by Vacher and Sons.
28, 33
Leisure and Society Maria Riddell
During these years MR prided herself on being, if not a literary hostess, then a friend and supporter of authors. She sat to Thomas Lawrence in 1805 or 1806 for a striking portrait.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
MacNaughton, Angus. Burns’ Mrs Riddell. A Biography. Volturna Press.
120-1, 122
Leisure and Society Mary Robinson
As a beautiful actress MR was frequently painted by artists, who included Richard Cosway , Thomas Gainsborough , Angelica Kauffmann , Thomas Lawrence , Joshua Reynolds , and George Romney . As the prince's mistress...
Leisure and Society Henrietta Sykes
Sir Joshua Reynolds painted HS at full length; the portrait remains at Sledmere. So does a group by Sir Thomas Lawrence of her with her husband and brother-in-law.
Sykes, Christopher Simon. The Big House. HarperCollins.
126, opposite 196
Leisure and Society Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
Her portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1822.
Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington,. “Introduction”. Conversations of Lord Byron, edited by Ernest J. Lovell, Princeton University Press, pp. 3-114.
Molloy, Joseph Fitzgerald. The Most Gorgeous Lady Blessington. Downey.
Benjamin Robert Haydon was another of those who painted her.
Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington,. “Introduction”. Conversations of Lord Byron, edited by Ernest J. Lovell, Princeton University Press, pp. 3-114.
Leisure and Society Melesina Trench
MT 's great beauty was captured in portraits by George Romney and Sir Thomas Lawrence . She was listed among the Celebrated Beauties of the Last Century in a book of that title by Frances A. Gerard
Leisure and Society Elizabeth Carter
This very pleasing portrait shows her with strong face and steady gaze, wearing classical dress, with pen in hand and her Epictetus volume visible. It now hangs in Johnson's House in Gough Square, London....
Leisure and Society Sophia Lee
SL had her picture drawn by Sir Thomas Lawrence and engraved by Ridley for reproduction, with an account of her life, in the Monthly Mirror.
Lee, Sophia. The Recess. Editor Alliston, April, University Press of Kentucky.
Leisure and Society Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
While living with the Marquess of Abercorn, Sydney Owenson had her portrait drawn by Sir Thomas Lawrence .
Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan,. Lady Morgan’s Memoirs. Editors Dixon, William Hepworth and Geraldine Jewsbury, AMS Press.
1: 426
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
She wrote it while a member of the Marquess of Abercorn ''s household, where she read it aloud in the evenings to less than informed criticism. As before, she and Phillips could not agree on...
Textual Features Caroline Norton
The volume for 1834 had plates and paintings by Mrs Robertson , William Daniell , and Sir Thomas Lawrence . Typical subjects for illustrations were, as in other periodicals, portraits of aristocratic beauties and scenes...


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