Charlotte Brontë

Standard Name: Brontë, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Brontë
Married Name: Mrs Arthur Bell Nicholls
Pseudonym: Currer Bell
Used Form: Charlotte Bronte
CB 's five novels, with their passionate explorations of the dilemmas facing nineteenth-century middle-class English women, have made her perhaps the most loved, imitated, resisted, and hotly debated novelist of the Victorian period.
Etching of Charlotte Brontë after a portrait by George Richmond, 1850. She is seen from the waist up, seated, with one elbow resting on a table, that hand holding a small book and the other on her lap, holding a handkerchief. She wears a flat ribbon round her neck, and a dark dress, buttoned in front, with lace trim on the sleeves and bodice. Her dark, smooth hair is pulled back and tied with a dark ribbon.
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Family and Intimate relationships Emma Frances Brooke
It appears that EFB had at least two sisters, and that they may have both been writers. An article written after EFB revealed her authorship of A Superfluous Woman quotes her still undiscovered biographer: There...
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Drabble
MD 's father, barrister John Frederick Drabble , also attended Cambridge , and served in the RAF during the second world war. In 1945, newly demobbed, he stood as Labour candidate for the Tory seat...
Family and Intimate relationships Claire Keegan
CK 's mother used to talk about Charlotte BrontëJane Eyre, but she did not actually read the novel until she was in college.
O’Hagan, Sean. “Claire Keegan: ’Short stories are limited. I’m cornered into writing what I can’”. The Guardian.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Taylor
MT 's father, Joshua Taylor , came from a wool-trading family based in the West Riding of Yorkshire; he often travelled to the Continent on business and was fluent in French and Italian. He...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Taylor
MT 's mother, Anne (Tickell) Taylor , has been described as a cold, Calvinistic chapel-goer
Murray, Janet Horowitz, and Mary Taylor. “Introduction”. Miss Miles; or, A Tale of Yorkshire Life 60 Years Ago, Oxford University Press, 1990, p. vii - xxiv.
and appears as an ungenial matron
Taylor, Mary. Mary Taylor, Friend of Charlotte Brontë: Letters from New Zealand and Elsewhere. Stevens, JoanEditor , Auckland University Press; Oxford University Press, 1972.
in Charlotte Brontë 's Shirley. Mary and her mother did not...
Family and Intimate relationships Vera Brittain
VB named her daughter after Charlotte Brontë 's character. The child Shirley Catlin was already a Roman Catholic , a role she later combined with that of social democrat. She came second to Elizabeth Taylor
Family and Intimate relationships Emily Brontë
Two of EB 's sisters, Maria and Elizabeth , died before she reached the age of seven. With Charlotte , her elder by two years, and Anne , her younger by eighteen months, Emily engaged...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Brontë
AB 's elder sisters were Maria (born in 1814), Elizabeth , (1815), Charlotte , (1816), and Emily (1818).
Barker, Juliet. The Brontës. St Martin’s Press, 1994.
59, 61, 71, 78
Family and Intimate relationships Adelaide Procter
AP was reportedly engaged for a time in the later 1850s, but the identity of her suitor is not known. Publisher George Smith records having admired her. He said that Charlotte Brontë , when they...
Fictionalization Emily Brontë
Charlotte 's Biographical Notice of Ellis and Acton Bell, her prefaces to Wuthering Heights, and the selection of poems sought to defend her sisters' character and works from the charges of reviewers. She...
Fictionalization Eliza Lynn Linton
In 1878, ELL wrote to a relative, True success comes only by hard work, great courage in self-correction, and the most earnest and intense determination to succeed, not thinking that every endeavour is already success...
Fictionalization Anne Lister
AL , whose history and character were known across a wide district around her home, is said to have been the model for Captain Keeldar, the male aspect of the heroine in Charlotte Brontë 's Shirley, 1849.
Birch, Dinah. “Grubbling”. London Review of Books, pp. 10 -11.
Fictionalization Anne Lister
It was in connection with her immediate or recent reputation that AL was allegedly fictionalised both in Brontë 's Shirley and Rosa Kettle 's The Mistress of Langdale Hall, 1872.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Scholars like Violet Ingham
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Gaskell
EG met novelist Charlotte Brontë at the home of Sir James and Lady Kay-Shuttleworth in the Lake District. On 27 June 1851 Brontë visited Gaskell at her home in Manchester; this was the...
Friends, Associates Jane Welsh Carlyle
JWC attended a party given by Thackeray for Charlotte Brontë .
Surtees, Virginia. Jane Welsh Carlyle. Michael Russell, 1986.


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