Dominique de St Quintin

Standard Name: St Quintin, Dominique de
Used Form: de St Quintin or St Quentin


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Dedications Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS wrote later, It was a matter of course to me that I was to write, and also a matter of instinct. My head was always busy in inventions, and it was a delight to...
Education Mary Martha Sherwood
Mary Martha Butt (later MMS ) attended the Abbey School, run by Monsieur St Quintin or St Quentin at Reading.
Feminist Companion Archive.
Education Frances Arabella Rowden
FAR was taught until she was about eighteen by her schoolmistress aunt Arabella . In 1792 she was enrolled as a boarder at the Abbey School in Reading, where Jane Austen had spent a...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Arabella Rowden
FAR , aged rather more than fifty, was married at the house of the British ambassador in Paris to her former employer Dominique de St Quintin or Quentin , who was now a widower and...
Friends, Associates Frances Arabella Rowden
Mitford introduced St Quintin and his wife to her life-story as a well-born, well-educated, and well-looking French emigrant, and a woman whom she thought French, good-natured, red-faced . . . much muffled up in shawls...
Instructor Lady Caroline Lamb
She attended, however, Monsieur de St Quintin 's school at 22 Hans Place, Chelsea, where she was taught by Frances Arabella Rowden , who was a writer as well as a teacher.
Douglass, Paul. Lady Caroline Lamb. Palgrave Macmillan.
Instructor Mary Russell Mitford
She spent several years at the boarding school at 22 Hans Place in Chelsea, run by Monsieur de St Quintin or St Quentin (who bailed her father out with money in some of his...
Residence Frances Arabella Rowden
FAR closed her school at 22 Hans Place, London, and moved to Paris, apparently to rejoin Dominique de St Quintin , who had settled there with his wife a couple of years before.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Textual Production Mary Martha Sherwood
Eighteen-year-old Mary Martha Butt (later MMS ) published with the Minerva Press her first novel, ycleptThe Traditions: A Legendary Tale, intended to help fund Monsieur St Quintin 's new Hans Place School ...
Textual Production Frances Arabella Rowden
She dedicated the work to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (aunt of her pupil Lady Caroline Lamb ), who blooms the sweetest flow'r in Britain's isle.
Rowden, Frances Arabella. A Poetical Introduction to the Study of Botany. T. Bensley.
She explained its genesis in an advertisement (dated 23 May...
Textual Production Frances Arabella Rowden
The first canto was drafted by 7 February 1809, when Mary Russell Mitford read it and hoped it would extend to a second canto. She read its praise of a male friend as sweet as...


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