Georgiana Burne-Jones

Standard Name: Burne-Jones, Georgiana
Used Form: Georgiana Macdonald


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Family and Intimate relationships Rudyard Kipling
One of Alice's sisters became a novelist and miscellaneous writer under her married name of Louisa Baldwin ; her husband was a wealthy manufacturer and their son Stanley Baldwin later became Prime Minister of Britain...
Family and Intimate relationships Angela Thirkell
Her Burne-Jones grandmother, Georgiana, filled her with mortification, embarrassment, and childish snobbery by taking her on visits to poor people's cottages, or had working men to visit her for the purpose of discussing the socialism...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Cynthia Asquith
LCA 's mother, Mary , Lady Wemyss, was born a Wyndham, a descendent of the writer Félicité, Mme de Genlis , and of her royal lover Philippe Egalité , Duc d'Orléans (who was also father...
Family and Intimate relationships Louisa Baldwin
Another sister, Georgiana Macdonald , became the wife of the artist Edward Burne-Jones .
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press.
Friends, Associates George Eliot
By 1870 it was at last becoming common for married couples (like the scholar Mark Pattison and his wife Emelia, or Emily Francis ) to visit GE and her partner. Publisher Charles Kegan Paul and...
Friends, Associates Rudyard Kipling
RK and his sister Trix spent Decembers (the Christmas holidays) with their mother's sister Lady Burne-Jones , and her husband, the painter Sir Edward Burne-Jones , at their home, The Grange, in Fulham. Here...
Friends, Associates William Morris
WM 's associates included George Bernard Shaw , Annie Besant , Emery Walker , Vernon Lee , as well as Emmeline and Sylvia Pankhurst . His friendship with Dante Gabriel Rossetti ended in 1875, as...
Friends, Associates Louisa Baldwin
She became interested in Eliot 's work after her sister Georgiana introduced them.
Taylor, Ina. Victorian Sisters. Adler and Adler.
Health Louisa Baldwin
Following the birth of her son in 1867, LB suffered a long and undiagnosed illness, the symptoms of which included pain and weakness in her spine and legs. She was a semi-invalid for sixteen years...
Instructor Mary Agnes Hamilton
During her studies at Cambridge, MAH met Lady Burne-Jones , who read to her from the letters of her husband Edward Burne-Jones and of William Morris as well as the poetry of Morris . She...
Occupation Elizabeth Siddal
Her occupation was given in the 1861 census as Artist: Painter. She assisted with the painting of the Morrises' home, Red House, and planned to collaborate on illustrations for a book of fairy...
Residence Rudyard Kipling
They lived for a short period in Devon and then settled at The Elms in Rottingdean, Sussex, near his uncle and aunt Sir Edward and Lady Burne-Jones . This was where their third child,...
Textual Production Louisa Baldwin
At the age of six or seven, when Louisa Macdonald (later LB ) was just beginning to learn how to write the alphabet, she dictated her first story, The History of the Piebald Family...
Textual Production Penelope Fitzgerald
She brought to this work her own experience as an amateur artist, and shows great skill in the delineation of character: of William Morris as well as of Burne-Jones and his wife Georgiana (who were...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Angela Thirkell
The first house is that of her Burne-Jonesgrandparents : The Grange, North End Lane, Fulham.
Thirkell, Angela. Three Houses. Robin Clark.
This house once belonged to the novelist Samuel Richardson , and AT opens the book on Susannah Highmore


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