Mary Charteris, Countess of Wemyss

Standard Name: Wemyss, Mary Charteris,,, Countess of
Used Form: Lady Wemyss


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Birth Lady Cynthia Asquith
Cynthia Charteris, later LCA , was born (Heigh Presto as the clock struck four, as her mother wrote in her diary) at Clouds, near East Knoyle in Wiltshire, a family estate.
Beauman, Nicola. Cynthia Asquith. Hamish Hamilton.
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Cynthia Asquith
In less than three months LCA lost in rapid succession her mother , her eldest (institutionalised) son, her patron J. M. Barrie , and her father : it was Barrie's death which seemed to distress her most.
Beauman, Nicola. Cynthia Asquith. Hamish Hamilton.
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Cynthia Asquith
LCA 's mother, Mary , Lady Wemyss, was born a Wyndham, a descendent of the writer Félicité, Mme de Genlis , and of her royal lover Philippe Egalité , Duc d'Orléans (who was also father...
Friends, Associates Angela Thirkell
Her literary friends included Lady Cynthia Asquith , Lady Cynthia's mother Lady Wemyss , Susan, Lady Tweedsmuir , and E. V. Lucas of Punch. With Lucas some kind of breach took place before the...
Intertextuality and Influence Lady Cynthia Asquith
She became an addict for the rest of her life, with few breaks, although the wartime diary, full of her feelings, was replaced in 1921 by something altogether more succinct and less expressive. Her mother
Literary responses Lady Cynthia Asquith
The Times Literary Supplement review pointed out the unusualness of a war novel centred on a noncombatant.
Sturch, Elizabeth. “War-Time Grass-Widow”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1812, p. 859.
Lady Wemyss , LCA 's mother, wrote that she wept a lot in reading this book, and...
Textual Features Angela Thirkell
It showcases the character Lady Emily Leslie (based on a recent actual acquaintance, Lady Wemyss ). Lady Emily is warm-hearted and chaotic. The novel opens on the vicar's feelings as he embarks on the morning...
Textual Features Angela Thirkell
Her Pomfrets are presumably modelled on the actual Wyndham family, since they are the birth family of her fictional Lady Emily Leslie, who was based on the real-life Lady Wemyss , née Wyndham. AT enjoyed...
Textual Features Lady Cynthia Asquith
Miranda discovers during the course of the story that her mother was an unfaithful wife, and in due course discovers that her biological father was not as she had supposed her mother's husband. She feels...
Travel Angela Thirkell
AT visited her friend Lady Wemyss at her husband's family estate, Gosford House, near Longniddry, East Lothian, Scotland.
Strickland, Margot. Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist. Duckworth.


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