Susanna Duncombe

Standard Name: Duncombe, Susanna
Used Form: Susanna Highmore


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Friends, Associates Elizabeth Carter
EC associated on terms of warmth and equality with men of letters or culture such as Samuel Johnson , Samuel Richardson , Thomas Birch , Moses Browne , Richard Savage , William and John Duncombe
Friends, Associates Hester Mulso Chapone
Hester Mulso became a member of Samuel Richardson 's circle (as depicted in the well-known drawing by Susanna Highmore ), and engaged with him in lively debate on the position, status, and duties of unmarried...
Friends, Associates Mary Masters
Among the households where she lived were those of Elizabeth Carter (who sometimes read her work and discussed it with her) and of Edward Cave (the proprietor of the Gentleman's Magazine). It was Carter...
Friends, Associates Samuel Richardson
His close friends, too, included a remarkable number of writing women: among others Sarah Fielding , sister of his literary arch-rival, Jane Collier , Hester Mulso (later Chapone) , Susanna Highmore (later Duncombe) , and...
Friends, Associates Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS judged Anna Seward to be greedy for flattery, especially from the opposite sex. In 1799 she met Hannah More , who was then at the height of her fame and to whom admittance was...
Literary responses Mary Leapor
This volume attracted attention from Samuel Richardson , Christopher Smart , and the young William Cowper , as well as from its chief promoters, John Duncombe and Susanna Highmore .
Rizzo, Betty. “Molly Leapor: An Anxiety for Influence”. The Age of Johnson, edited by Paul J. Korshin, Vol.
, pp. 313-43.
Literary responses Mary Leapor
The Monthly Review excerpted generously from ML 's book and remarked that some letters of this extraordinary young woman . . . have a solidity in them far beyond what could be expected from one...
Literary responses Catherine Talbot
Susanna Duncombe published in the Gentleman's Magazine for June 1772 a Sketch of the Character of the Author of Reflections on the Seven Days of the Week, and Essays on Various Subjects, which sensitively...
Publishing Elizabeth Carter
The book had gone to press in June 1757.
Feminist Companion Archive.
The original press run of 1,018 copies had to be supplemented with a further 250. First of several more editions was the Dublin one of the...
Publishing Sarah Fielding
The work was dedicated to Lady Pomfret . Its 440 subscribers included many prominent people, reflecting the bluestockings' range of influence as well as SF 's local and family connections: Ralph Allen , Lord Chesterfield
Textual Production Frances Brooke
Susanna Duncombe offered FB permission to use (for her life of Richardson ) Duncombe's now well-known sketch of him reading aloud.
McMullen, Lorraine. An Odd Attempt in a Woman: The Literary Life of Frances Brooke. University of British Columbia Press.
Textual Production Mary Leapor
The arrangements for publication had not been entirely smooth sailing. ML was insulted when Freemantle predicted that the book might make her £10.
Rizzo, Betty. “Molly Leapor: An Anxiety for Influence”. The Age of Johnson, edited by Paul J. Korshin, Vol.
, pp. 313-43.
Freemantle was nevertheless instrumental in persuading her to publish and in...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Angela Thirkell
The first house is that of her Burne-Jonesgrandparents : The Grange, North End Lane, Fulham.
Thirkell, Angela. Three Houses. Robin Clark.
This house once belonged to the novelist Samuel Richardson , and AT opens the book on Susannah Highmore


12 February 1767-5 June 1769: Hugh Kelly issued his periodical The Babler,...

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12 February 1767-5 June 1769

Hugh Kelly issued his periodicalThe Babler, opening with the usual bow towards the Tatler and Spectator.


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