Mary Harcourt

Standard Name: Harcourt, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Danby
Married Name: Lockhart
Married Name: Harcourt, Mary,,, Countess
MH may never have thought of herself as a writer, though she kept a diary during her time serving at Court (as did several others in her position of a privileged behind-the-scenes angle on people in power). Her Anecdotes of the years 1792-5, when she was, as might be said today, embedded with the British army fighting in the Low Countries, constitute a far more unusual, even a unique text, which makes her arguably the first identified British woman war correspondent, as well as the proponent of a strong case against war as such.
Harcourt, Mary. “Anecdotes Relating to the Years 1792-1795”. The Harcourt Papers, edited by Edward William Harcourt and Edward William Harcourt, 1880, pp. 321 -44.
Mezzotint of the young Mary Harcourt by Samuel William Reynolds after a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds, published May 1824 . She sits in a parkland landscape, swathed in a low-necked gown and voluminous shawl, looking upwards out of the picture. Her hair is swept up grandly on her head. National Portrait Gallery.
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