George Crabbe

Standard Name: Crabbe, George


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Education Jean Rhys
At a very young age, JR imagined that God was a book. She was so slow to read that her parents were concerned, but then suddenly found herself able to read even the longer words...
Family and Intimate relationships Alethea Lewis
He was aged twenty-one, an apprentice apothecary. His friend George Crabbe wrote his epitaph for Framlingham church.
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Damer
Her father, Henry Seymour Conway , was an army officer who rose to be Field-Marshal. His distinguished military career was matched by his services to Whig politics. His literary interests made him a friend of...
Friends, Associates Evelyn Sharp
Others with whom she shared this or that memorable experience were the Meynells (Wilfrid , Alice , and Viola ), Clarence Rook and his wife, and Henry W. Nevinson , whom she eventually married...
Friends, Associates Joanna Baillie
On 11 May 1812 Henry Crabb Robinson recorded in his diary meeting JB and other women writers on a visit to Miss Benjers (Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger ). In his account of this pleasant evening...
Friends, Associates Mary Leadbeater
While in England ML visited Edmund Burke at Beaconsfield. He had attended school and university with her father and had been taught by her grandfather; he made his final visit to Ballitore in 1786...
Friends, Associates Alethea Lewis
Through her fiancé Levett, AL was a friend of George Crabbe (who met his future wife, Sarah Elmy , through her). He wrote to her during her youth, assigning her the name of Stella...
Friends, Associates Eliza Fletcher
Eliza Dawson set herself to achieve a real friendship with Yearsley , who however was touchy about it, and took it on herself to lecture Eliza about her taste for novels, condemning them as the...
Intertextuality and Influence Christina Rossetti
Her early work and the passages she copied into her mother's commonplace-book show the influence of Tennyson and Wordsworth ; she also acknowledged the impact of Gray and Crabbe , and wrote several poems inspired...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Savage
She also clearly declares her allegiance to Pope . Truth the Best Doctor. A Tale, about a London merchant, strongly suggests Pope 's tale of Sir Balaam in his Epistle to Bathurst, even...
Intertextuality and Influence Barbara Hofland
BH 's Daniel Dennison; or, The Autobiography of A Country Apothecary (inspired by George Crabbe 's Annals of the Parish) and The Cumberland Statesman were posthumously published together as Daniel Dennison; and, The Cumberland Statesman.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.
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Butts, Dennis. Mistress of our Tears, A Literary and Bibliographical Study of Barbara Hofland. Scolar Press, 1992.
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Ann Kelty
After a preface on the subject of religion in fiction, an introductory chapter announces (though it anticipates the reader may lose interest here) that the narrator of the novel is to be a spinster of...
Intertextuality and Influence Sylvia Townsend Warner
This lengthy poem, written in couplets, was modelled on the works of George Crabbe . It was in a form mid-way between the short story and satirical verse. According to Claire Harman , the poem...
Intertextuality and Influence Maria Edgeworth
This fine novel shows many of the familiar features of Edgeworth's longer fiction. She took the basic plot-line from a poem by George Crabbe , The Confidant. She makes of it a highly intertextual...
Intertextuality and Influence Hester Lynch Piozzi
This book influenced George Crabbe 's English Synonymes Explained, 1816. It is also likely that Roget , author of the most famous nineteenth- or twentieth-century thesis, also knew it.


29 October 1807
George Crabbe published Poems, including the important group of pieces about local life entitled The Parish Register.
By March 1810
George Crabbe published The Borough, a poem in twenty-four letters about life in a country town.
By September 1812
George Crabbe published Tales in Verse.
By April 1819
George Crabbe published another collection of narrative poems: Tales of the Hall.
7 June 1945
Peter Grimes, Benjamin Britten 's opera based on a poem by George Crabbe , premiered at Sadler's Wells Theatre , London.