Charlotte Cushman

Standard Name: Cushman, Charlotte


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Cultural formation Adelaide Procter
AP 's lyric love poem to the somewhat scandalous Matilda Hays , To M.M.H. (published in Legends and Lyrics in 1858 as A Retrospect), and her dedication of that same first collection of poetry...
Dedications Matilda Hays
MH published in New YorkFadette, A Domestic Story from the French, her translation of George Sand 's novel, with a dedication to Charlotte Cushman , True Artist and Yet Truer Woman ....
Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Hays
The intense relationship between MH and Cushman is the subject of considerable debate over whether it constituted a lesbian union. After meeting the pair, Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote in a letter to a friend, I...
Family and Intimate relationships Eliza Cook
From 1845-1849 she had a romantic friendship with American actress Charlotte Cushman , for whom she unself-consciously displayed a passionate attachment.
Schlueter, Paul, and June Schlueter, editors. An Encyclopedia of British Women Writers. Garland.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Her first experience of Cushman on stage led her to send the actress an...
Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Hays
In 1853, MH 's relationship with Cushman began to deteriorate. Several sources speculate that Hays's attraction to sculptor Harriet Hosmer sparked some of the difficulties.
Merrill, Lisa. When Romeo Was a Woman. University of Michigan Press.
Though Hays and Cushman returned to London together, Hays...
Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Hays
Cushman welcomed MH back upon her return, admitting that now, we shall be together again, never again perhaps to be what she once was to me—still, perhaps, better for us both that I am not...
Family and Intimate relationships Geraldine Jewsbury
However, the intense jealousy that had early affected the friendship persisted. Around 1846 GJ began her friendship with the American actress Charlotte Cushman , who was then visiting Manchester. Much to the frustration of...
Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Hays
MH left Rome, threatening to sue Charlotte Cushman and initiating what has been seen as one of the earliest palimony suits.
Merrill, Lisa. When Romeo Was a Woman. University of Michigan Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Power Cobbe
Wintering again in Rome, FPC was introduced by Charlotte Cushman to her future life-friendMary Lloyd , a Welsh sculptor.
Many reputable sources state that she encountered Lloyd in her first visit to Rome...
Friends, Associates Camilla Crosland
CC 's friends and acquaintances were varying and numerous. In her youth the radical politician John Cartwright was a neighbour. Her literary work as an adult led to the formation of a number of lasting...
Friends, Associates Emily Faithfull
EF 's circle of literary friends included Oliver Wendell Holmes , Joaquin Miller , James Russell Lowell , and Walt Whitman .
Stone, James S. Emily Faithfull: Victorian Champion of Women’s Rights. P. D. Meany.
She also made the acquaintance of many actors and actresses, including Henry Irving
Friends, Associates Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
In later years MCH continued to maintain relations with several significant literary figures. She was once visited by Frances Trollope , whom she described as A genial, natural woman, not especially refined, but far too...
Friends, Associates Bessie Rayner Parkes
In later years she became friendly with hymn-writer Elizabeth Rundle Charles .
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. I, Too, Have Lived in Arcadia. Macmillan.
One of her closest non-literary friends was Mary Merryweather , a Quaker nurse who shared BRP 's interest in promoting standards of...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Barrett Browning
During her time in Italy she came into contact with a number of other women who revered her as a successful female artist. She met actress Charlotte Cushman and writer Matilda Hays ; she understood...
Friends, Associates Matilda Hays
By her twenties, MH was well-acquainted with several prominent figures in England's social, political, and literary scene. Her circle included Mary Howitt , Eliza Meteyard , William Charles Macready , Samuel Laurence , Geraldine Jewsbury


1845: American Charlotte Cushman made a sensation...

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American Charlotte Cushman made a sensation at her debut on the English stage as Bianca in Henry Hart Milman 's Fazio at the Princess's Theatre.


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