Henry Hart Milman

Standard Name: Milman, Henry Hart
Used Form: Rev. Henry Milman


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Dedications Mary Ann Browne
The title page quotes S. M. Waring . The dedication is to H. H. Milman , Professor of Poetry at Oxford.
Friends, Associates Frances Trollope
It took several years for the Trollopes' financial difficulties to turn into a financial catastrophe, and during those years, FT entertained many friends and acquaintances, including Lady Milman , whose husband had been Queen Charlotte
Literary responses Sarah Austin
Her translations of Ranke 's works were praised by Henry Hart Milman , Dean of St Paul's, and historian Thomas Babington Macaulay .
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Macaulay's response to History of the Popes was: Of this translation we...
Literary responses Joanna Baillie
When Baillie re-read her own Witchcraft as a work in progress she wrote: I am inclined to think well of it. Renfrew witches upon a polite stage! Will such a thing ever be endorsed!
Witchcraft by Joanna Baillie. Finborough Theatre.
Residence Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Her new house was one of the first completed on a new estate by builder-entrepreneur Thomas Cubitt . In January 1838, when she and her husband moved in, the area was still green, almost rural...
Textual Features Eliza Cook
Her poetic topics strongly reflect her reliance on well-tried promoters of sentiment: death, parting, gypsies, favourite horses and dogs, local feeling for Scotland or Ireland. The collection closes with a section of poems for...
Textual Features Harriet Martineau
When Henry Milman begged HM (who was about to publish on the topic of America) not to attack his friend Frances Trollope , she replied: you don't suppose I am going to occupy any...


1845: American Charlotte Cushman made a sensation...

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American Charlotte Cushman made a sensation at her debut on the English stage as Bianca in Henry Hart Milman 's Fazio at the Princess's Theatre.


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