Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia

Standard Name: Elizabeth,, Queen of Bohemia
Used Form: Elisabeth, Queen of Bohemia
Used Form: Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia


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Dedications Dorothy Leigh
DL 's The Mothers Blessing was entered in the Stationers' Register. It was published the same year, with one dedication to Elizabeth of Bohemia and another to Leigh's three sons.
English Short Title Catalogue. http://estc.bl.uk/.
Dedications Mary Carleton
According to critic Mihoko Suzuki , The Case incorporates two portraits of its protagonist. The same plate was apparently used in two versions, one revised as to the hairstyle and ageing of the face. One...
Fictionalization Aphra Behn
AB has been repeatedly fictionalised in recent years. Ross Laidlaw published in 1992 a fiction, Aphra Behn—Dispatch'd from Athole, which added a coda to her life. In his story Gilbert Burnet enlists her to...
Friends, Associates Anne Conway
He was an important influence on her chemical and biological thinking, and introduced her to the ideas of the Quakers and the study of kabbalism. Through him she became acquainted also with Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia
Friends, Associates Bathsua Makin
She was also part of an international network of scholarly women with connections to Elizabeth of Bohemia , which included Anna Maria van Schurman , feminist writer Marie le Jars de Gournay , educator Marie du Moulin
Friends, Associates Anna Maria van Schurman
Visiting AMS became a custom among cultivated people travelling in or to Utrecht. She met Elizabeth, Princess Palatine (daughter of the Queen of Bohemia ), and became a friend and correspondent of a network of...
Material Conditions of Writing Anna Hume
AH mentions finding the manuscript of The History of the Houses of Douglas and Angus when she returned from elsewhere to my Countrey, which might mean Scotland or more precisely the family estate. She...
Reception Lady Eleanor Douglas
The burning was ordered by Archbishop Laud and the Court of High Commission , in spite of support for LED from Charles I 's sister, Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia . LED was sentenced to imprisonment...
Textual Production Elizabeth Hamilton
This was published at Bath and London. EH did serious historical research for this book, reading all the Roman history she could find in English and even commissioning translations.
There was already women's work...
Textual Production Carola Oman
CO issued her next historical biography, Elizabeth of Bohemia, about the Scottish-born Electress Palatine who was a great patron and a force in European politics during the seventeenth century.
Elizabeth Hamilton had planned...
Textual Production Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
EOB pursued the topic of lives of female monarchs in Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia , Daughter of King James the First.
This book was listed as preparing for publication in the...
Textual Production Selina Bunbury
Coombe Abbey: An Historical Tale of the Reign of James the First, a story about the kidnapping of the young Elizabeth of Bohemia that was planned to accompany the gunpowder plot of 1605, became...
Travel Elizabeth Richardson
Lady Asburnham (later ER ) travelled to the Hague in the retinue of Elizabeth of Bohemia .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.


Between December 1612 and February 1613: Parthenia or The Maydenhead was the first...

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Between December 1612 and February 1613

Parthenia or The Maydenhead was the first book of music for the virginals printed in England.

14 February 1613: Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I, married...

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14 February 1613

Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I , married Frederick, Elector Palatine of the Rhine: known as Elizabeth of Bohemia or the Winter Queen, she was a great patron of women writers in English.

1644: The French philosopher René Descartes published...

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The French philosopher René Descartes published his Principia philosophiae, dedicated to Elizabeth of Bohemia .


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