Hertford College, Oxford University


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Education Evelyn Waugh
EW was sent to fee-paying schools: a preparatory school and then a public school, Lancing College , rapidly selected by his father when the plan of sending him to Sherborne School was abandoned following his...
Material Conditions of Writing Evelyn Waugh
During his otherwise largely wasted time as an Oxford undergraduate, EW had some short stories published as well as having some success as a graphic artist. He put considerable effort into a novel about black...


October 1974: The first women students were admitted to...

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October 1974

The first women students were admitted to formerly all-male colleges of Oxford University: Brasenose , Hertford , St Catherine's , Jesus , and Wadham .

October 2014: Forty years after it had become one of the...

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October 2014

Forty years after it had become one of the first five Oxford men's colleges to admit women, Hertford College marked the occasion by replacing its dining-hall portraits of male eminences with striking black-and-white photographs of...


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