Ruth Perry

Standard Name: Perry, Ruth


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Elstob
EE 's brother died: she lost her emotional, intellectual, and financial support.
Editor Ruth Perry gives this date as 3 March, as does the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, wheras editors C. E. and...
Intertextuality and Influence Hannah Webster Foster
Critic Ruth Perry has noted that The Coquette is a late example of a numerous group: the woman's novel strongly influenced by Richardson 's Clarissa.
Perry, Ruth. “Clarissa’s Daughters, or The History of Innocence Betrayed. How Women Writers Rewrote Richardson”. Clarissa and Her Readers: New Essays for the Clarissa Project, edited by Carol Houlihan Flynn and Edward Copeland, AMS Press, 1999, pp. 119 - 41.
Eliza's first difficulty is the same as Clarissa's...
Literary responses Anna Gordon
Later commentators have endorsed their praise. The pre-eminent collector Francis J. Child thought no ballads superior to AG 's; more recently, Ruth Perry called her work a magnificent repertoire, selected brilliantly and rendered fully, each...
Publishing Mary Astell
Both Reflections Upon Marriage and A Serious Proposal, Parts I and II, became available again in an edition of 1730. According to Astell's biographer Ruth Perry , the volume provided the last round of...
Publishing Charlotte Lennox
A second edition followed on 19 March 1761. It featured the first appearance of Lennox's name on a title-page, and a dedication (supplied by Johnson ; the first edition had none) to the Duchess of Newcastle
Reception Mary Astell
Astell's late twentieth-century reputation as a feminist foremother led to a biography by Ruth Perry (1986), a one-volume selection of her work edited by Bridget Hill (The First English Feminist, 1986), and editions...
Reception Damaris Masham
DM has only recently begun to be taken seriously as a writer on philosophy. Her relation with Locke in terms of philosophical opinions has been discussed by Sheryl O'Donnell in Mothering the Mind, edited...
Textual Features Sarah Scott
The French heroine tells her own life-story. Her mother dies at her birth. Among various persecutions, she is abducted and imprisoned in one of those rooms, not uncommonly found in old castles, where the owner...
Textual Features Anna Gordon
Ballad heroines are generally tough, and solve or succumb to their problems on their own, often without any appeal for protection or rescue. Burd Ellen (the prefix to whose name marks a woman of the...


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