John Oliver Hobbes

Standard Name: Hobbes, John Oliver
Birth Name: Pearl Richards
Married Name: Pearl Craigie
Pseudonym: John Oliver Hobbes
Pseudonym: Diogenes Pessimus
Religious Name: Pearl Mary-Teresa Craigie
Writing for a brief period at the turn of the twentieth century, the pseudonymous JOH (whose actual married name was Pearl Craigie ) was the author of over a dozen novellas, novels, and several plays, as well as essays on art and colonial India, and letters published after her death. Having made her mark as the author of epigrammatic works during the fin de siècle (a label she never really shook), she inquired in her later works into the place of religion in contemporary life, as well as retaining an interest, often satirical, in London society life. She is seen as an important Catholic novelist.
Sepia toned photograph of John Oliver Hobbes, shown from the shoulders up. Her dark wavy hair is pulled back, and she wears small, white, circular stud earrings.
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