Charlotte Eliza Humphry

Standard Name: Humphry, Charlotte Eliza
Used Form: Mrs C. E. Humphry
Birth Name: Charlotte Eliza Graham
Pseudonym: Madge
Mrs C. E. Humphry , a journalist at a time when the field was just opening up to women, began her career with a popular newspaper column aimed at women. This chatty column appeared in the society scandal journal Truth, under the pseudonym Madge: she is considered one of the originators of the women's gossip column. Following the success of her column, she published further journalism, books on etiquette, running a household, and the rules of behaviour in polite society for both women and men, whose roles are sharply separated. Her advice had widespread public appeal.


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Family and Intimate relationships Jean Rhys
While Lenglet was away in Holland, JR had to subsist with very little money. She stayed with a friend, the prominent Paris journalist and writer H. Pearl Adam (daughter of Mrs C. E. Humphry ...
Occupation John Oliver Hobbes
JOH was president of the Society of Women Journalists . Charlotte Eliza Humphry succeeded her.
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Newspaper proprietor Joseph Snell Wood founded the Society of Women Writers and Journalists ; launched in London, it has become an international organization.
December 1894
The monthlySylvia's Journal (launched on 31 December 1864 as The Young Englishwoman) ceased publication.