Joseph Snell Wood

Standard Name: Wood, Joseph Snell
Used Form: J. S. Wood


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Other Life Event Charlotte Eliza Humphry
CEH was a member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists , founded in 1894 by J. S. Wood , who was also the editor of a weekly illustrated paper for women called The...
politics Mary Frances Billington
MFB was named the first vice-president of the Society of Women Journalists (SWJ) , an organization founded that year by Joseph Snell Woodwith the objective to unite women journalists for mutual protection and advancement.
Clarke, Meaghan. “New Woman on Grub Street: Art in the City”. Gissing in the City: Cultural Crisis and the Making of Books in Late Victorian England, edited by John Spiers and John Spiers, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 31-40.
Textual Production Helen Mathers
A publisher's note in the one-volume publication of 1892 called the book a genuine novelty. The idea of a novel written by twenty-four popular writers is certainly an original one. The ladies and gentlemen who...


1894: Newspaper proprietor Joseph Snell Wood founded...

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Newspaper proprietor Joseph Snell Wood founded the Society of Women Writers and Journalists ; launched in London, it has become an international organization.


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