Samuel Butler

Standard Name: Butler, Samuel,, 1613 - 1680


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Education George Eliot
Her devotion to John Bunyan 's Pilgrim's Progress remained unchanged during this period. She also read heavyweight works of theology, Hannah More 's letters, and a life of William Wilberforce . By late 1838, however...
Intertextuality and Influence Alicia D'Anvers
This work in Hudibrastics presents Oxford University as a hotbed of misogyny and sexual misconduct, an enemy of the Muses, and a cynical tourist attraction. ADA 's opening address To the University (in heroic couplets...
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Hands
In Critical Fragments, on some of the English Poets (seven poets, all male), EH wittily exercises an imitation which is far from flattery. She begins with Milton , who in ponder'ous verse, moves greatly on...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Latter
The poem is in octosyllabics (or, considering the many feminine endings, in the hudibrastics of Samuel Butler ). After an opening address to the conventionally starving and scruffy nameless Grubstreet Muses!,
Latter, Mary. Liberty and Interest. James Fletcher.
it proceeds...
Intertextuality and Influence Teresia Constantia Phillips
TCP placed on the title-page of her Apology a quotation from Nicholas Rowe 's The Fair Penitent, the period's most famous treatment of a woman who is deserving although fallen. She later emphasises her...
Textual Production Caroline Clive
The name of the protagonist or hero is one CC had herself used as a pseudonym. Her title-page has an epigraph from Sidney Smith 's letters: How little we know of what passes in each...
Textual Production George Eliot
Many early extant letters of GE 's date from her unhappy, adolescent, Evangelical period, and have a tone of self-righteousness and censoriousness of others and of herself which is not pleasant to modern readers. In...


Later 8th century BC: This time probably saw the genesis of Homer's...

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Later 8th century BC

This time probably saw the genesis of Homer's Iliad, though few dates are more hotly argued over, and the very existence of Homer as a person who created (traditional, formulaic, oral) epicpoems is arguable.

Just before 26 December 1663: Samuel Butler published Hudibras, a mock-heroic...

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Just before 26 December 1663

Samuel Butler published Hudibras, a mock-heroic verse satire on the Puritans.


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