Grace Elliott

Standard Name: Elliott, Grace
Birth Name: Grace Dalrymple
Married Name: Grace Elliott
Nickname: Dally the Tall
Indexed Name: Grace Dalrymple Elliott
Indexed Name: Grace Eliot
GE is not a courtesan memoirist in the usual sense, since her one surviving work, her published journal, is silent on the topic of her love-affairs. It covers exclusively her experience, mostly in Paris, from the early days of the French Revolution through to the Terror (which she barely survived). Her text, not published till a generation after her death, is a mix of history, heroicised autobiography and biographical sketches, and highly personalised political commentary.


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Dedications Sophia Lee
The Recess is dedicated to Sir John Eliot, Elliot, or Elliott , a Scottish physician who was successful and popular in London. (His wife, Grace, née Dalrymple , had left him for another man, and...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
ESG met (as a rival) her fellow-courtesan Grace Elliott .
Gooch, Elizabeth Sarah. The Life of Mrs Gooch. Printed for the authoress and sold by C. and G. Kearsley.
2: 93
Publishing Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
Gooch must have spent heavily on advertising. From 5 April until 5 May front-page advertisements for her book appeared in the London Star and other papers. They took up an unusual number of column-inches, since...
Textual Features Mrs F. C. Patrick
In the course of a busy plot Augusta is abducted, but saves herself from a forced marriage (her mother, the instigator of this outrage, affects to think her married in the sight of Heaven) by...


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