John Home

Standard Name: Home, John


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Family and Intimate relationships Grace Elliott
GE 's father, Scottish barrister Hugh or Hew Dalrymple , had been a lieutenant in the British army, but took up the law about the time Grissel was born. He was said to have made...
Friends, Associates Alison Cockburn
She wrote that some of my most steady friends thro' Life were my childhood companions, girls she had been at school with.
Cockburn, Alison. Letters and Memoirs. Editor Craig-Brown, Thomas, David Douglas.
Besides Ramsay (whom, too, she had known since her girlhood), Burns
Intertextuality and Influence Mrs E. M. Foster
As an epistolary novel, Concealment lacks the characteristic metanarrative of other MEMF novels, though an interesting prologue addressed to the reader from the Authoress cautions against the practice of concealment. Foster also identifies herself, in...
Intertextuality and Influence Helen Maria Williams
Julia is layered with allusion not only to Rousseau and Goethe but also to John Home 's tragedy Douglas.
Duquette, Natasha Aleksiuk. “Julie and Julia: Tracing Intertextuality in Helen Maria Williams’s Novel”. Pride and Prejudices.
Intertextuality and Influence Frances Sheridan
The Editor's Introduction names not only Richardson , but also John Home , whose tragedy Douglas, read aloud in the novel's opening pages, reminds Sidney's friend Cecilia of the old story of Sidney's distresses...


December 1756: John Home's tragedy Douglas was enthusiastically...

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December 1756

John Home 's tragedyDouglas was enthusiastically received in Edinburgh by both audiences and critics; in London three months later the former were more unanimously positive than the latter.


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