Charles Macklin

Standard Name: Macklin, Charles


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Family and Intimate relationships Emily Frederick Clark
EFC 's grandfather, who committed public suicide by shooting himself in the west porch of Westminster Abbey on 1 February 1797, when he was a little past seventy, was Colonel Frederick or Frederic (called by...
Occupation Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
Back in England, she tried the first earning resource of the non-respectable woman: acting. Places where she performed included Farnham in Surrey and Chester (at a greater distance from London), and Warrington in Lancashire...
Publishing Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
Gooch must have spent heavily on advertising. From 5 April until 5 May front-page advertisements for her book appeared in the London Star and other papers. They took up an unusual number of column-inches, since...
Reception Sarah Gardner
A considerable debate developed about the play's alleged plagiarism from various sources: Macklin 's Love-a-la-Mode, Foote 's The Author, and Colman's own The Deuce is in Him.
Grundy, Isobel. “Sarah Gardner: "Such Trumpery" or ‘A Lustre to Her Sex’?”. Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, Vol.
, pp. 7-25.
On balance it seems...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Margaret Holford
A poem prefacing Wallace addresses a friend of Holford named Miss Gertrude Louisa Allen (and includes a tribute to King George the Good, his people's friend). A prose preface asserts the writer's English patriotism to...


10 July 1764: A new play, The True-born Scotsman, a caricature...

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10 July 1764

A new play, The True-born Scotsman, a caricature of Scottishness by the Irishman Charles Macklin , opened at Smock Alley Theatre (or the Theatre Royal) in Dublin.


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