Ugo Foscolo

Standard Name: Foscolo, Ugo


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Family and Intimate relationships Lady Mary Walker
Her illegitimate grand-daughter Mary was taken back after LMW 's death by her father, Ugo Foscolo , who had settled in London, where he had arrived on 11 September 1816. Mary brought him the...
Friends, Associates Lady Charlotte Bury
During her first marriage Lady Charlotte frequently entertained the literary celebrities of her day.
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Todd, Janet, editor. Dictionary of British Women Writers. Routledge.
She was a friend and patron of Sir Walter Scott , and a friend (with her daughters) of the exiled Italian...
Friends, Associates Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
BBBD was a friend, from her youth onwards, of William Gilpin and his brother Sawrey Gilpin , a painter of animals; they each assumed a paternal relationship with her. Ugo Foscolo was another significant literary...
Friends, Associates Lady Caroline Lamb
LCL was for most of her adult life a good friend of Sydney Morgan , to whom she confided many stories of her childhood and youth, which Morgan preserved in her diaries. She later helped...
Friends, Associates Lady Mary Walker
Here they met the Italian romantic poet Ugo Foscolo , who had come to France to join Napoleon 's army and had been put in charge of the detained Britons.
Saint, Andrew. “Diary: Foscolo’s Grave”. London Review of Books, pp. 34-5.
Instructor Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
BBBD and her sisters enjoyed a good deal of freedom during their childhood. They kept animals of all kinds, and Barbarina once set out to experience the mysterious masculine pleasure of getting drunk, which it...
Intertextuality and Influence Lady Caroline Lamb
In this and her final novel she followed the advice of Ugo Foscolo , though she found it went against her grain, to choose a simple plot and build it around a single character.
Douglass, Paul. Lady Caroline Lamb. Palgrave Macmillan.
Material Conditions of Writing Catherine Fanshawe
Late at night after a party given by poet and classicist William Sotheby , CF composed a verse trilingual harangue entitled Liberty, written as if spoken by the Italian poet Ugo Foscolo .
Fanshawe, Catherine. Memorials of Miss Catherine Maria Fanshawe. Editor Harness, William, Privately printed by Vacher and Sons.
Publishing Maria Callcott
She may have translated into English parts of the Essays on Petrarch which Ugo Foscolo privately published (in only sixteen copies) through Bentley on 1 May 1821 after being outraged by changes made in translation...
Textual Features Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
In a dedication to her grandchildren (unpaginated), BBBD gives some history of her translations, made at different and distant periods of my life.
Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre,. Translations from the Italian. C. Whittingham.
She cites Mathias , Foscolo , and Panizzi , for...
Textual Production Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
BBBD celebrated one of her most important literary relationships with a friendship poem entitled To Ugo Foscolo , with a Snuff-box.
Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre,. Dramas, Translations and Occasional Poems. John Murray.
2: 269
Textual Production Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
Translations from Petrarch 's sonnets by BBBD , collected in Dramas, Translations and Occasional Poems, 1821, also appeared in a different form the same year: Ugo Foscolo reprinted them at the end of his...
Textual Production Felicia Hemans
Gary Kelly speculates that Felicia Browne may have been the translator (signing F. B.) of Italian patriot and political exile Ugo Foscolo 's autobiographical novel Ultime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis in 1812.
Hemans, Felicia. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Prose, and Letters, edited by Gary Kelly, Broadview, pp. 12 - 89; various pages.


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Foscolo, Ugo. Ultime Lettere Di Japoco Ortis. Translator Radcliff-Umstead, Douglas, University of North Carolina Press, 1970.