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Anthologization Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
Gary Kelly includes a facsimile of this work as an example of Street Gothic in his Varieties of Female Gothic, 2002.
Anthologization Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
SSW 's The White Cottage of the Valley, published with her name but without a date, has as epigraph some lines by Thomas Fitzgerald about a caged bird, from his poem Bedlam, from...
Anthologization Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
The White Pilgrim; or, Castle of Olival, published, with SSW 's name, as translated from the popular French novel, Le Pelerin Blanc (by René-Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt ), no doubt stemmed in actuality from...
Anthologization Elizabeth Carter
She occupies volume two in Pickering and Chatto 's series Bluestocking Feminism: Writings of the Bluestocking Circle, 1738-1790, 1999, general editor Gary Kelly . This volume includes her Epictetus, her two Rambler essays...
Anthologization Mary Martha Sherwood
MMS wrote later, It was a matter of course to me that I was to write, and also a matter of instinct. My head was always busy in inventions, and it was a delight to...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Montagu
The term bluestocking very quickly came to imply dismissiveness, if not actual disapproval and contempt. The first to use it pejoratively may well have been, as Gary Kelly has suggested, those who felt threatened or...
Literary responses Mary Hays
One of Jane Austen 's sisters-in-law owned a copy. Some reviewers objected both to content and arrangement. The European Review was not untypical in that although it expressed some admiration it also called for a...
Literary responses Felicia Hemans
George Eliot considered the title poem exquisite.
Eliot, George. The George Eliot Letters. Editor Haight, Gordon S., Yale University Press.
1: 72
Critic Gary Kelly argues that this first-person narrative should be considered a dramatic monologue.
Hemans, Felicia. “Introduction and Editorial Materials”. Felicia Hemans: Selected Poems, Prose, and Letters, edited by Gary Kelly, Broadview, pp. 12 - 89; various pages.
Literary responses Amelia Opie
Gary Kelly in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography calls her work a eulogy, and an example of that Romantic genre, the bereaved spouse's memoir, which, as expected, traced John Opie's creative and professional successes...
Literary responses Amelia Opie
AO 's novels, which formed a comparatively minor part of her output, had an impact beyond the rest of her work. Literary historian Gary Kelly notes that when they were new they commanded among the...
politics Thomas Holcroft
TH shaped his radical political opinions during the 1780s. He enthusiastically welcomed the French Revolution. According to Gary Kelly in his Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry, Holcroft was a materialist who believed that...
Author summary Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
SSW began publishing before the end of the eighteenth century. Books for children were her first market niche: both short fiction and instructional works. She later moved into translation and into other kinds of fiction...
Publishing Clara Reeve
Charoba, offered as a specimen of romance, purports to be the translation of an Arabian tale.
Reeve, Clara. The Progress of Romance, through Times, Countries, and Manners. The Facsimile Text Society.
Gary Kelly notes in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography how The Progress of Romance, which...
Publishing Sarah Scott
A fuller title is A Description of Millenium Hall, and the Country Adjacent; Together with the Characters of the Inhabitants, And such Historical Anecdotes and Reflections . . . . The author is described as...
Publishing Lydia Howard Sigourney
LHS was an indefatigable correspondent. Her papers are to be found at the Connecticut Historical Library , the Connecticut State Library , the Huntington Library , the Schlesinger Library , the New York Historical Society


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