William Gilpin

Standard Name: Gilpin, William


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Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Blamire
Catherine Gilpin belonged to a highly cultivated gentry family. She was the sister of William Gilpin , the well-known writer on the picturesque, whom Susanna's brother Richmond published; she lived at the moated Scaleby Castle...
Friends, Associates Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
BBBD was a friend, from her youth onwards, of William Gilpin and his brother Sawrey Gilpin , a painter of animals; they each assumed a paternal relationship with her. Ugo Foscolo was another significant literary...
Instructor Caroline Bowles
At the local vicarage, William Gilpin , parson, author, and authority on the picturesque, educated CB . Their lessons included reading, writing, and drawing. Under Gilpin's instruction, she learned the artistic skills that made her...
Leisure and Society Lady Eleanor Butler
In the grounds the Ladies followed William Shenstone 's concept of the ferme ornée; even their kitchen garden and orchard were beautified.
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Michael Joseph.
75, 111
The garden was approached by way of a gothic arch, where...
Literary responses Mary Delany
In a letter she slighted her own work as my usual presumption of copying beautiful nature.
Linney, Verna. “A Passion for Art, a Passion for Botany: Mary Delany and her Floral ’Mosaiks’”. Eighteenth-Century Women: Studies in their Lives, Work, and Culture, edited by Linda V. Troost, Vol.
, pp. 203-35.
But Horace Walpole , Sir Joshua Reynolds , and William Gilpin , the authority on the picturesque, were...
Occupation Anne Lister
These included exposure and restoration of buried half-timbering, building out bay windows, reopening the ceiling of the great hall to the rafters and adding a gallery, and building new cellar vaults with a passageway to...
Textual Features Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins
The preface by L anticipates criticism, defends the title, and admits borrowing from Gilpin 's Hints for Sermons. LMH returns here to the much-discussed questions of women's education and social behaviour (she deplores the...


1786: William Gilpin published his highly influential...

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William Gilpin published his highly influential Observations Relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty . . . on Several Parts of England.

1791: William Gilpin founded a parochial school...

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William Gilpin founded a parochial school in Hampshire in which boys were taught reading, writing, and arithmetic, but girls learned only reading, knitting, and sewing.


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