Charlotte Dacre

Standard Name: Dacre, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte King
Married Name: Charlotte Dacre
Married Name: Charlotte Byrne
Pseudonym: Rosa
Pseudonym: Rosa Matilda
CD (who began publishing verse in 1798 and novels in 1805) seems, like her sister Sophia King, to reflect in poetry (including early graveyard poems) and fiction the painful, sensational family experiences of her youth.


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Birth Sophia King
SK 's date of birth is uncertain. It is generally given as about 1782; but it seems probable that she was some years older than that, closer in age to her sister Charlotte Dacre ...
Dedications Sophia King
SK and her sister Charlotte Dacre wrote the dedication to their father of their poetry volume Trifles of Helicon, published this year.
SK 's next work of poetry gave the title of this one...
Family and Intimate relationships Maria Barrell
The witnesses who signed the register were Jardine of Applegarth (presumably Sir Alexander, fourth Baronet , a Knight of Malta), John King (who may have been the extraordinary self-made Jewish radical financier of that name...
Family and Intimate relationships Sophia King
SK shared with her sister the context of badly matched parents, aged immigrant grandmother, low-profile legitimate brother, and suicidal illegitimate brother (one of three).
See further under Charlotte Dacre .
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Robinson
MR 's alleged sexual liaison with Jewish financier, money-lender, and radical John King (father of the writers Charlotte Dacre and Sophia King , who at this time were barely out of infancy) seems to have...
Intertextuality and Influence Percy Bysshe Shelley
The teenage PBS published a gothic novel, Zastrozzi, which was influenced by Charlotte Dacre 's novel Zofloya.
British Library Catalogue.
Literary responses Mary Bryan
The Critical Review gave a couple of paragraphs to the collection, praising its soft and genuine sadness, the easy and unpremeditated . . . singularly graceful language, and the refined, enthusiastic, and cultivated mind
Ragaz, Sharon. “Writing to Sir Walter: The Letters of Mary Bryan Bedingfield”. Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text, No. 7.
Author summary Sophia King
SK , like her sister Charlotte Dacre , seems to use the sensational in both her poetry and fiction (which span the end of the eighteenth century and the early nineteenth) to figure her actual...
Textual Features Sarah Green
This preface is headed by two Latin words (one with a faulty grammatical ending) from Ovid 's description of chaos. SG slams both male and female novelists, chiefly authors of gothic or horrid novels and...
Textual Features Sarah Green
The plot owes something to Charlotte Lennox 's Female Quixote. The father of Green's heroine has lived through many crazes for novelists: first Burney , then Radcliffe , then Owenson , then Rosa Matilda
Textual Features Anne Thackeray Ritchie
The title of the Blackstick Papers alludes to the character of the Fairy Blackstick from her father 's Rose and the Ring: she places her essays under the kindly tutelage
Ritchie, Anne Thackeray. Blackstick Papers. Books for Libraries Press.
of this spirit...
Textual Features Jane West
JW uses heroic couplets for formal poems like To the Island of Sicily (on the retreat of the king and queen of the Two Sicilies before the French Army of Italy, commanded by Napoleon ...
Textual Production Regina Maria Roche
The anonymous, two-volume Alvondown Vicarage. A Novel (published by the Minerva Press around the same time as RMR 's The Discarded Son in 1807) was reviewed as by her and is generally attributed to her...
Textual Production Leah Sumbel
It is often said (for instance by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography) that Topham's main aim in this venture was to boost her career. The World was known for featuring personal attacks on...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sarah Green
M. G. Lewis is a more complicated case, treated with some nuance. SG admires The Monk but feels that after that Lewis's real talent was obscured by the baneful influence of German fiction: she agrees...


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