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Cultural formation Muriel Spark
MS was received into the Roman Catholic Church by a Maltese priest, Dom Ambrose Agius (or Aegius), whom she had met earlier at the Poetry Society .
Spark, Muriel. Curriculum Vitae: Autobiography. Constable.
Employer Muriel Spark
MS was the General Secretary of the Poetry Society , an organisation which she had joined as a member in 1946.
Spark, Muriel. Curriculum Vitae: Autobiography. Constable.
Stannard, Martin. Muriel Spark. The Biography. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
78-81, 97
Employer Muriel Spark
Having been dismissed by the Poetry Society , MS worked first for the British Institute of Political Research , then as part-time editor for European Affairs, a magazine concerned with Eastern European issues.
Spark, Muriel. Curriculum Vitae: Autobiography. Constable.
182, 192, 194
Stannard, Martin. Muriel Spark. The Biography. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Employer Muriel Spark
While she held this post, she was also the editor of the Poetry Society 's magazine, the Poetry Review. Her salary was thirty pounds per month. The Society never put into effect its offer...
Intertextuality and Influence Helen Dunmore
HD 's many other writings include reviews (of both poetry and fiction), introductions (to the poems of Emily Brontë , the stories of D. H. Lawrence and F. Scott Fitzgerald , and a study of...
Leisure and Society Elaine Feinstein
She belongs to the Poetry Society and the Eastern Arts Association .
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Literary responses Carol Ann Duffy
Among widely differing responses, critic John Sutherland and Poetry Society director Judith Palmer concurred in noting how the near-incoherent shape of this poem suggests rage and disgust almost too strong for speech.
Brown, Mark. “Carol Ann Duffy leaps into expenses row with first official poem as laureate”. The Guardian.
Occupation Ruth Padel
RP has seen her commitment to poetry as including a commitment to encouraging and instructing readers of it. Invited by the Poetry Society to stand for election as its Chair, she was persuaded to do...
Occupation Jo Shapcott
JS became president of the Poetry Society , taking over from Paul Muldoon .
“Jo Shapcott is the new president of the Poetry Society”. The Poetry Society: Press Room.
Occupation Catherine Byron
CB also does freelance work and various community projects. She has been a member of the Arvon Foundation , the major provider of residential courses for writers in Britain, since 1994; for three years she...
Occupation Muriel Spark
She later recounted the ructions that cost her her Poetry Society job. She set out to raise the quality of the Poetry Review, to cease railing against the moderns,
Spark, Muriel. Curriculum Vitae: Autobiography. Constable.
to render an amateur...
Performance of text Alison Fell
AF was a constant source of scenes, burlesques, and improvisations for performance by the Women's Liberation Street Theatre Group . She also wrote for a number of underground or radical papers: Ink, Islington Gutter...
Publishing Wendy Cope
WC caused a stir late in 2007 over a poem jointly commissioned by the Poetry Society and the Authors' Licensing and Copyright Society , entitled The Law of Copyright.
Reception Medbh McGuckian
After publishing this volume, MMG was given a major bursary the same year by the Irish Arts Council. She also won the Rooney Prize (Dublin), Ireland's top award for Irish Literature (1982), and the Alice Hunt Bartlett
Reception Patricia Beer
Responses to PB 's poetry have varied widely, even among her fellow poets. Jeni Couzyn has charged her with the crime of not rocking the boat, of making herself a favourite . . . for...


: John Cotton and Ted Walker founded a poetry...

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John Cotton and Ted Walker founded a poetrymagazine, Priapus, called after the classical fertility god who was known for his huge and constantly erect penis. Cotton then launched the Priapus Press in 1967.

April 2005: The poet Fiona Sampson took up the position...

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April 2005

The poet Fiona Sampson took up the position of editor of Poetry Review (published by the Poetry Society )—the first woman to hold this post since Muriel Spark more than forty years before.


Rumens, Carol. “Tyros and Tested: Frances Horovitz, Catherine Byron, Penelope Shuttle, Sylvia Kantaris, Alan Moore, R. A. Maitre, Adrienne Rich”. Poetry Review, Vol.
, No. 4, Poetry Society, pp. 55-7.