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Anthologization Judith Kazantzis
After this beginning to a feminist writing career, JK joined the Women's Literature Collective and began reviewing poetry for Spare Rib (where she also published her own poems) and other radical journals. During the 1980s...
Employer Frances Horovitz
In the mid-1960s FH began teaching English and drama part-time to boost her income. She taught at a number of different London schools, including Carlyle Grammar School for Girls in Fulham.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
She found teaching...
Employer Bryony Lavery
She spent two years as writer-in-residence for the Unicorn Theatre for Children , has tutored for Arvon writing courses, and is a director, with John Retallack , of the Performing Arts Labs (playwriting).
“Biographies: Bryony Lavery”. MCC’s Last Easter - Full Casting Announced.
Employer Michèle Roberts
MR read manuscripts for publishers; she taught literature, sexual politics, and creative writing at places like the City Literary Institute or City Lit , Battersea Arts Centre , and the Oval House in Kennington; she...
Employer Maggie Gee
MG has held creative-writing positions at universities including Sussex , the University of East Anglia , Sheffield Hallam, and Bath Spa University. She also teaches for the Arvon Foundation and similar bodies, has...
Friends, Associates Ruth Fainlight
The friendship of herself and her husband with Ted Hughes survived Plath's death. RF later remembered Hughes and Assia Wevill sharing their wretchedness in the weeks immediately after the catastrophe, but remembered also making Assia...
Intertextuality and Influence Kate Clanchy
KC 's second Arvon course was taught by Simon Armitage , who had recently become the poetry editor at Chatto and Windus . Armitage offered KC a chance to publish. This led to the appearance...
Material Conditions of Writing Maggie Gee
MG had worked on dramatic techniques on an Arvon course in 2009;
Gebbie, Vanessa. “Crossing the Divide”. Mslexia, Vol.
, pp. 15-17.
the course fed this novel as well as plans for writing a series of dramatic monologues about mothers.
Gebbie, Vanessa. “Crossing the Divide”. Mslexia, Vol.
, pp. 15-17.
Material Conditions of Writing Helen Dunmore
HD treated authorship like a job. She belonged to a generation which built its careers through arranging workshops and readings and teaching on the first Arvon creative writing courses. She later saw tours, interviews, reviewing...
Occupation Bernice Rubens
As a writer she was an assiduous attender of literary festivals, a virtuoso reader of her own and other authors' work.
Kennedy, Maev. “Booker winner Bernice Rubens dies”. Guardian Unlimited.
She tells a story from her whoring or book-promotion days of sitting beside Edna O'Brien
Occupation Penelope Shuttle
PS has tutored for the Arvon Foundation . In 2007 she acted as judge for the annual National Poetry Competition (eagerly contemplating the possibility of a new discovery in poetry), and served as chair of...
Occupation Catherine Byron
CB also does freelance work and various community projects. She has been a member of the Arvon Foundation , the major provider of residential courses for writers in Britain, since 1994; for three years she...
Occupation Anne Stevenson
She has since taught at the Arvon and other poetry foundations.
Contemporary Authors, Autobiography Series. Gale Research.
9: 287
Occupation Gillian Clarke
At the time of her move from Cardiff to Blaen Cwrt, GC was appointed Creative Writing Fellow at St David's University College in Lampeter, Wales, a post sponsored by the Welsh Arts Council ...
Occupation Helen Dunmore
HD has taught at the University of Glamorgan and Bristol University and for the Arvon Foundation , and held a Writer-in-Residence position at the then Polytechnic of Wales in 1990 as well as in many...


Late August 1968: Two poets, John Moat and John Fairfax, launched...

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Late August 1968

Two poets, John Moat and John Fairfax , launched the Arvon Foundation with a poetry course at Beaford Arts Centre (in a Victorian house in rural north Devon). Ted Hughes was guest reader on this course.


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