Catherine Byron

Standard Name: Byron, Catherine
Birth Name: Catherine Greenfield
Married Name: Catherine Byron
A poet whose career began in the later twentieth century, CB has published six volumes of poetry, one semi-autobiograpical prose narrative, two autobiographical essays, poetry reviews, and a series of online collaborations combining poetry and visual art, as well as an online writer's journal. She has co-edited a poetry anthology and contributed to others, and she has written radio scripts for the BBC . She writes about women in Irish culture, mythology, and literature, and about the life processes of transformation, metamorphosis, and (re)generation. Her feminist politics inform all of her writing.


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27 October 1980: A hunger strike began in the notorious H-blocks...

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27 October 1980

A hunger strike began in the notorious H-blocks of the Maze Prison , Belfast, among young men convicted of terrorist violence, who already spent four years wearing wraps, not clothes, in a Blanket and...


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