Alison Fell

Standard Name: Fell, Alison
Birth Name: Alison Fell
AF is a Scottish feminist of working-class origins, resident in London, whose literary career began with 1970s women's street theatre. She has published as a journalist, poet, short-story writer, novelist, and children's writer.


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Anthologization Zoë Fairbairns
ZF contributed to The Seven Deadly Sins, a series of short stories edited by Alison Fell (who also contributed). Fell describes the book as a reclaiming of the Sins in a fairly playful feminist sense.
Fell, Alison, editor. The Seven Deadly Sins. Serpent’s Tail, 1988.
Anthologization Liz Lochhead
As well as reading her poetry at festivals and other venues, LL has selected and edited for Mslexia magazine in early 2004 a number of stories and poems on the theme of ice.
Lochhead, Liz. “Ice”. Mslexia, pp. 26 - 7.
Anthologization Sara Maitland
SM followed this with several more solo story collections: A Book of Spells, September 1987 (whose contents, featuring witches, herbalists, saints, and dwarves), might be classed as fairy-tale), and Women Fly When Men Aren't...
Anthologization Michèle Roberts
MR contributed the piece on Anger to another volume of stories, entitled The Seven Deadly Sins, edited by Alison Fell and published by Serpent's Tail .
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
Friends, Associates Michèle Roberts
MR 's memoir, Paper Houses, features a huge roster of close friends warmly evoked, some of them long-term commitments and others belonging to some particular period of her life. They include many women who...
Intertextuality and Influence Michèle Roberts
She was an early, collaborative writer or improvisor of vehicles for street theatre, inspired by the creative spirit of Alison Fell .
Roberts, Michèle. Paper Houses. Virago, 2007.
Also at this time she began writing political journalism for Ink and...
politics Michèle Roberts
She realised that her feminism went back to childhood when her brother did not have to help in the house. At this conference she first met Alison Fell , one of the founders of Women's Liberation Street Theatre Group
Textual Production Michèle Roberts
MR was writing poetry seriously from the period of working on her first novel.
Roberts, Michèle. Paper Houses. Virago, 2007.
In the era of collectives she helped to produce the feminist verse anthologies Cutlasses & Earrings, 1977 (with Michelene Wandor
Textual Production Michèle Roberts
MR was one of five (with Alison Fell , Stef Pixner , Tina Reid , and Ann Oosthuizen ) who issued Smile Smile Smile Smile in September 1980, the fourth publication of Sheba Feminist Publishers
Textual Production Michelene Wandor
Other contributors besides the editors were Astra Blaug , Alison Fell , and Sheila Rowbotham .
Textual Production Marina Warner
It appeared in Serious Hysterics, a volume edited by Alison Fell and published by Serpent's Tail .
Warner, Marina. “Be My Baby”. Serious Hysterics, edited by Alison Fell, Serpent’s Tail, 1992, pp. 36 -51.


The Women's Street Theatre Company was founded in London by Alison Fell , Buzz Goodbody , and Susan Todd as a feminist and socialist performance group.
18 October 1977
Three imprisoned members of the West German, left-wing urban guerilla or terrorist group known as the Red Army Faction or the Baader-Meinhof Gang committed suicide in Stammheim prison near Stuttgart.
25 November 1982
Diana Scott issued Bread and Roses: An Anthology of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Poetry by Women Writers.