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Publishing Catherine Carswell
She had been planning this book, as a secret, in February 1927.
Pilditch, Jan. Catherine Carswell. A Biography. John Donald.
She worked at it in the rooms she had taken for herself, away from her family, in Keats Grove, Hampstead, pressing...
Publishing P. L. Travers
Although the book has been received primarily as children's literature, PLT claimed that she never wrote specifically for children. This first book was published in London by Gerald Howe, and in New York by...
Publishing Catherine Carswell
A somewhat revised edition of the book (in which CC felt she made her case against Murry stronger) was published later the same year in New York by Harcourt Brace and in London by Martin Secker
Publishing Alice Walker
When McCall sent AW 's poems to Harcourt Brace Jovanovich , she pointed out that if they published them they would no doubt get the novel that Walker was working on, too. Hiram Haydn declined...
Publishing Alice Walker
She clashed with Harcourt editor Tony Godwin over this novel. Godwin, recently arrived in the USA from England, proposed corrections which stemmed from misunderstanding, a result of his unfamiliarity with the minor detail of American...
Publishing T. S. Eliot
The first complete edition of TSE 's Four Quartets, the poetic culmination of his spiritual vision, was published by Harcourt Brace in New York.
Gallup, Donald Clifford. T.S. Eliot: A Bibliography. Harcourt, Brace.
Publishing Eliza Fay
This followed another reprint from Calcutta, 1908, with an excellent introduction and notes by the Rev. Walter Kelly Firminger . In 1924 the book was published in the United States by Harcourt Brace ...
Publishing Viola Meynell
The volume was published by Edward Arnold , Matthew Arnold's nephew, and sold so well that it was re-printed again by the end of the year. Harcourt Brace brought the book out in the United...
Publishing Virginia Woolf
VW published A Room of One's Own simultaneously with the Hogarth Press and with Harcourt Brace in America.
Woolf, Virginia. The Diary of Virginia Woolf. Editors Bell, Anne Olivier and Andrew McNeillie, Hogarth Press.
3: 227n11
Publishing Flannery O'Connor
She had begun Wise Blood around Christmas 1946. Its earliest form was The Train, the last story in her MFA thesis collection; its inspiration was an offer from Rinehart publishers of $150.00 for a...
Publishing Flannery O'Connor
This collection was the first fruits of her life with her mother on the farm Andalusia, narrowed down by the constraints of her illness. Years later she wrote of the delusion that her writing...
Publishing Virginia Woolf
It its first six months it sold 8,104 copies in England (twice as many as To the Lighthouse) and 13,031 from Harcourt Brace in the USA.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin.
The Hogarth office boy, Richard Kennedy
Publishing Elizabeth Robins
The book was rejected by several publishers before Heinemann took it on.
John, Angela V. Elizabeth Robins: Staging a Life, 1862-1952. Routledge.
One of those who rejected it in an earlier form was the Hogarth Press , probably because it turned out too long...
Publishing Dorothy L. Sayers
DLS 's final novel featuring Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane, Busman's Honeymoon, was published first in the USA by Harcourt Brace ; its UK publication, by Gollancz , followed in June this year.
Gilbert, Colleen B. A Bibliography of the Works of Dorothy L. Sayers. Macmillan.
Publishing Gertrude Stein
Friends and publishers had been calling on GS to write her memoirs. She refused on grounds that it was not her type of writing—though, she said, she would not mind if Alice wanted to pursue...


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