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Friends, Associates Githa Sowerby
Through her husband she acquired a circle of friends including E. V. Lucas , Kenneth Bird (professionally the cartoonist Fougasse ), Granville-Barker , and Cyril Hogg (owner of the music publishing firm Samuel French ).
Riley, Patricia. Looking for Githa. New Writing North, 2009.
Publishing Dorothy Whipple
This was re-issued by, among other publishers, the Peoples Book Club in Chicago (undated but probably in the original year of publication) and by Samuel French in March 1991.
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“Bowker’s Global Books in Print”.
Publishing Muriel Box
In financial panic at the outbreak of the Second World War, Muriel and Sydney Box sold the copyright in practically all the plays we had written to date to Samuel French, Ltd. for a thousand...
Publishing Harold Pinter
Faber printed the two plays together this year; Samuel French issued an edition of Celebration alone in 2002.
Solo: Search Oxford University Libraries Online.
Publishing Kate Parry Frye
The play was published in French's Acting Edition in London and New York.
Frye, Kate Parry. “Introduction”. Campaigning for the Vote: Kate Parry Frye’s Suffrage Diary, edited by Elizabeth Crawford, Francis Boutle Publishers, 2013, pp. 9 - 34.
Samuel French had bought the script more than a year earlier for ten pounds.
Crawford, Elizabeth, and Kate Parry Frye. The Great War: The People’s Story—Kate Parry Frye: The Long Life of an Edwardian Actress and Suffragette. ITV, 2014.
No records of performances have been found.
Publishing Constance Smedley
CS had moved smoothly from writing one-act plays for the Cotswold Players to writing them for the first, Chelsea, incarnation of the Greenleaf Players. She wrote a number of plays for performance by the...
Publishing Githa Sowerby
It ran for sixty-three performances, and was published by Samuel French in 1913.
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In March 1913 it ran at the Empire Theatre in New York under the title Jinny.
Nicoll, Allardyce. English Drama, 1900-1930. Cambridge University Press, 1973.
GS wrote to her...
Publishing Lesley Storm
The play opened on Broadway on 27 September 1950, at the 48th Street Theatre . John Wildberg produced it, Charles Hickman did the staging, and Larry Eggleton designed the sets.
Storm, Lesley. Black Chiffon. Samuel French, 1951.
The English Theatre Guild
Publishing Amy Levy
Published with Samuel French in 1883, it had an extended life when anthologised in 1898 in French's Fairy Plays for Home Production.
Beckman, Linda Hunt. Amy Levy: Her Life and Letters. Ohio University Press, 2000.
Publishing Josephine Tey
The play was published that year by Victor Gollancz in London and by Little, Brown in Boston.
Tey, Josephine. Richard of Bordeaux. Little, Brown, 1934.
Samuel French , Longmans , Penguin , and Pan all published editions of it between 1935 and 1966.
Harben, Niloufer. Twentieth-Century English History Plays: from Shaw to Bond. Macmillan, 1988.
Reception F. Tennyson Jesse
Billeted was a great hit with wartime audiences, running for over two hundred performances. FTJ deemed it a very light comedy.
Colenbrander, Joanna. A Portrait of Fryn. A. Deutsch, 1984.
It appeared in print in 1920 as one of French 's Standard Library series.
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Textual Production George Paston
Annie Horniman gave this play two successful revivals in Manchester: at the Midland Hotel Theatre in October 1907, and at the Gaiety Theatre in 1908, where its proceeds guaranteed the season's financial success.
Kaplan, Joel H., and Sheila Stowell. Theatre and Fashion: Oscar Wilde to the Suffragettes. Cambridge University Press, 1994.
Textual Production Fay Weldon
FW 's Flood Warning: A Play (for two men and three women) was published by Samuel French .
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
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Textual Production George Paston
The production was a success, running for 167 performances. The play was published the same year by Samuel French .
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Textual Production Fay Weldon
This play was published in October 1980 by Samuel French .
British Books in Print. J. Whitaker and Sons, 1987.
Weldon, Fay. Action Replay. Samuel French, 1980.
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Dulcie Gray launched her publishing career: Samuel French issued her playLove Affair (which had been staged the previous year) and the first of her murder mysteries, Murder on the Stairs, also appeared.
Elaine Morgan 's one-act playThe Waiting-Room was published by Samuel French .