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Publishing Evelyn Sharp
Her Daily Bread (an account of the co-operative movement and the Women's Co-operative Guild ) also appeared in 1928, from Ernest Benn , as number six in the series Self and Society Booklets, with...
Publishing Dora Sigerson
DS 's last publication, eight years after her death, was Ernest Benn 's printing of twenty-one of her poems as a pamphlet in its Augustan Books of Poetry series.
British Library Catalogue.
Other poets in this series included...
Publishing Doreen Wallace
She began writing this book during her first pregnancy, by which time she felt she had enough experience of life, though limited, and knowledge of country people, though limited, to have something more to say...
Publishing Doreen Wallace
DW 's next novel, Creatures of an Hour, which also appeared in 1933 (title adapted from a love-poem by Keats ), was her last before she switched, in 1934, her publisher from Ernest Benn
Publishing Phyllis Bentley
PB 's third novel, The Spinner of the Years, was published by Ernest Benn , after having been rejected by Sidgwick and Jackson , her previous publisher.
Johnson, George M., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 191. Gale Research.
Bentley, Phyllis. "O Dreams, O Destinations". Gollancz.
Publishing Phyllis Bentley
PB was delighted when The Spinner of the Years was accepted, as her previous novel-length composition, Hudley Pride, had been rejected by no fewer than sixteen publishers. Ernest Benn 's then managing director, Victor Gollancz
Textual Production Naomi Royde-Smith
It was printed as number 58 in Ernest Benn 's Contemporary British Dramatists series and performed at the People's Theatre , Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in 1931-2.
“A - Z of Plays”. The People’s Theatre.
Textual Production Vita Sackville-West
Ernest Benn published two long stories by VSW , which together made up a volume: The Death of Noble Godavary; and, Gottfried Künstler.
Woolf, Virginia. The Letters of Virginia Woolf. Editors Nicolson, Nigel and Joanne Trautmann, Hogarth Press.
5: 73n7, 4: 380 and n4
Textual Production Josephine Tey
She did not confide in friends that she had written a book until it was actually in print. She used Curtis Brown as an agent but did not reveal her identity or her gender to...
Textual Production Romer Wilson
RW 's play The Social Climbers: A Russian Middle-Class Tragedy in Four Acts, Seen Through Western Eyes was published in Ernest Benn 's Yellow Books series.
Wilson, Romer. The Social Climbers. E. Benn.
title-page and prelims
Textual Production Elizabeth Baker
Two years later, on 30 March 1927, it was performed at London's Court Theatre . It was published by Ernest Benn in 1927.
Textual Production Nancy Cunard
In 1943 NC began to work on collecting her poetry for an edition, as advised by Edward John Thompson , a fellow political radical and poetry editor for Benn publishers. The edition came to nothing...


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