Doreen Wallace

Standard Name: Wallace, Doreen
Birth Name: Dora Eileen Agnew Wallace
Self-constructed Name: Doreen
Married Name: Dora Eileen Rash
Pseudonym: Doreen Wallace
DW published fifty-four books spanning 1918 to the 1970s, of which forty-five were novels,
Leonardi, Susan J. Dangerous by Degrees: Women at Oxford and the Somerville College Novelists. Rutgers University Press.
nearly all set in East Anglia and so sometimes ranked as regional. They contain enough romance to make them in their day extremely popular, but also address social issues like higher education for women, rural poverty, and social mobility. She also published stories, journalism, and non-fiction including a gardening book, quirky and knowledgeable studies of areas of Britain, and a vivid account of her activism in the campaign against tithes. Her poetry and autobiographical writings remain (apart from early verse) mostly unpublished.


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Education Margaret Kennedy
With the onset of war, the town had largely been emptied of male students, making women a more visible presence around the university. Somerville had a tradition of turning out successful women writers; in entering...
Friends, Associates Dorothy L. Sayers
DLS and Doreen Wallace became close friends when, in 1917, DLS returned to Oxford as apprentice to Basil Blackwell. She shared with Wallace and Eleanore or Leon Geach in membership of the Rhyme Club .
Reynolds, Barbara. Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul. Hodder and Stoughton.
Shepherd, June. Doreen Wallace, 1897-1989: Writer and Social Campaigner. Edwin Mellen Press.


After June 1936: Under the Tithe Act, the British government...

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After June 1936

Under the Tithe Act, the British government paid the Church of England something over seventy-two million pounds in lieu of the tithes it would have received over the next sixty years. But payment of tithes...


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