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Education Gillian Allnutt
Two years after receiving her BA from Cambridge, GA completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Sussex in Brighton.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Education Joan Riley
JR obtained her Honours BA in international relations at the University of Sussex .
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Employer Maggie Gee
MG has held creative-writing positions at universities including Sussex , the University of East Anglia , Sheffield Hallam, and Bath Spa University. She also teaches for the Arvon Foundation and similar bodies, has...
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Kazantzis
Harry Mathews (a member of Oulipo , a French group which chooses to write under technical restrictions) composed an epithalamium for the occasion, using only those letters found in the names of the bride and...
Occupation Ketaki Kushari Dyson
After their marriage, KKD lived in England with her husband, who was then working on his doctorate at Sussex University . While they lived in Brighton and he attended the university there, she commuted to...
Occupation Maggie Gee
Having been a temporary filing clerk before university, MG worked from 1972 to 1974 for Elsevier International Press at their offices in Oxford, then spent six months on the dole, writing. While working at...
Residence Elaine Feinstein
By the time the Feinsteins were married they were living in rooms above the bridge in Mill Road, Cambridge (where Arnold was now doing a PhD). Before their first son was born they moved to...
Textual Production Naomi Mitchison
The title quotation from Robert Burns describes the writer almost as a spy on society; it continues, And faith he'll prent it.
Mitchison, Naomi. Among You Taking Notes . . . The Wartime Diary of Naomi Mitchison 1939-1945. Editor Sheridan, Dorothy, Oxford University Press.
NM kept writing through difficult home front conditions, mostly at Carradale House...
Textual Production Dorothy Wellesley
DW 's letters and papers are scattered among several archives: at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Emory University at Atlanta, Georgia, and the University of Sussex .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Textual Production Virginia Woolf
VW left a mass of manuscript material, now mostly housed at the University of Sussex in Brighton (Monks House Papers) and in the Berg Collection in the New York Public Library . Both these collections...


July 1935: An educated, married woman with small children,...

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July 1935

An educated, married woman with small children, living at Ballingate in Ireland, wrote to the magazine Nursery World about her loneliness and depression, seeking suggestions for some affordable occupation.

By May 1937: Mass-Observation, a social research organisation...

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By May 1937

Mass-Observation , a social research organisation devoted to observing the habits, behaviour, and opinions of ordinary people, was launched: Surrealist in inspiration, it became documentary and socially inclusive in aim.

1949: Mass-Observation undertook the first comprehensive...

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Mass-Observation undertook the first comprehensive study of British sexual behaviour.

1961: The University of Sussex was founded in ...

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The University of Sussex was founded in Brighton.

23 October 1963: The report of the Robbins Committee on Higher...

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23 October 1963

The report of the Robbins Committee on Higher Education (recommending the establishment of new universities in Britain) was accepted by the new Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas Home .

By 1965: Five English universities were offering B.Ed....

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By 1965

Five English universities were offering B.Ed. degrees: Keele , Leeds , Reading , Sheffield , and Sussex .


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