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Anthologization Sarah, Lady Pennington
An Unfortunate Mother's Advice to her Absent Daughters quickly became a staple of composite volumes directed toward young women's conduct. At Edinburgh a volume of this kind, Instructions for a Young Lady, in every sphere...
Literary responses Juliana Horatia Ewing
She was reciprocally admired by Ruskin in the nineteenth century, and admired also by Kipling in the twentieth. Critic Mary Lascelles lamented at the centenary of JHE 's death that her books had been allowed...
Publishing Ella D'Arcy
Monochromes appeared in Lane's series Keynotes, echoing the similar titles of George Egerton , whose own first collection of stories opened the series and supplied its name.
Clarke, John Stock. Ella D’Arcy.
D'Arcy's volume was reissued by Garland in 1977.
Publishing Edna Lyall
She was introduced to the publishers of this novel, Hurst and Blackett , through the good offices of the writer George Macdonald .
Escreet, J. M. The Life of Edna Lyall. Longmans, Green and Co.
She dedicated the work to her cousin the Rev. Philip Newnham
Publishing Ella D'Arcy
A Garland reprint appeared in 1984.
Publishing Elizabeth Meeke
It was advertised in late February and early March. A Garland facsimile appeared in 1977.
Publishing Juliana Horatia Ewing
Some of the later stories were written at Fredericton, New Brunswick, including Reka Dom and River House.
Gatty, Horatia K. F. “Juliana Horatia Ewing and Her Books, 1885”. A Celebration of Women Writers, edited by Mary Mark Ockerbloom.
Reprints include one in Everyman's Library, 1915, and one by Garland , 1977.
Publishing Frances Reynolds
This was the year after Johnson died. In 1788 FR tried to get back a copy of his praise of her work in order to impress a prospective publisher. Although one publisher censoriously rejected the...
Publishing Eliza Fenwick
In this book product placement is even further highlighted than in some of EF 's other books for children.
Paul, Lissa. “Eliza Fenwick—Forgotten in Histories of Schooling”. British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS) 35th Annual Conference, Oxford.
It is designed both to advertise Tabart's shop and products, and to foster in white children...
Publishing Julia Frankau
Henry Vizetelly , a publisher associated with progressive thinking of various kinds—he went to prison for publishing translations of Zola —promoted this novel by emphasis on its being a picture of Jewish life.
Lock, Stephen, and Julia Frankau. “Introduction”. Dr. Phillips, The Keynes Press, p. v - xii.
Publishing Charlotte Riddell
A New York edition from Harper, compressing three volumes to one, appeared the following year. A Garland facsimile appeared in 1979 in a series on Ireland and Irish politics, with an introduction by Robert Lee Wolff
Publishing Georgiana Fullerton
Critical or popular attention has been less forthcoming in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and there has been little revival of GF 's work, although the US firm Garland reprinted some of her novels in...
Publishing Catherine Sinclair
It sold for five shillings and six pence. Again a dedication was formally inscribed on the title page, this time to the author's niece Lady Diana Boyle . The book's high degree of success expanded...
Publishing Catherine Sinclair
A Garland reprint appeared in 1975.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
Publishing Jane Barker
The title-page (followed by Carol Shiner Wilson 's editiion) says 1715. Such post-dating, says Kathryn King , is typical of Curll 's publishing practices.
Wilson, Carol Shiner, and Jane Barker. “Introduction”. The Galesia Trilogy and Selected Manuscript Poems of Jane Barker, Oxford University Press, p. xv - xliv.
xxiv, 177n1
King, Kathryn R. Jane Barker, Exile: A Political Career 1675-1725. Clarendon Press.
Exilius was at least partly written by 1687...


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