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Publishing Julia Frankau
Henry Vizetelly , a publisher associated with progressive thinking of various kinds—he went to prison for publishing translations of Zola —promoted this novel by emphasis on its being a picture of Jewish life.
Lock, Stephen, and Julia Frankau. “Introduction”. Dr. Phillips, The Keynes Press, p. v - xii.
Publishing Margaret Harkness
Her publisher was the notorious firm of Henry Vizetelly , who was to be jailed the year after this for publishing English translations of Zola . Vizetelly arranged for MH 's novel to be translated...


1880: Henry Vizetelly founded Vizetelly and Company...

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Henry Vizetelly founded Vizetelly and Company at 42 Catherine Street, Strand, London, with his sons Frank and Arthur .

By early November 1884: George Moore issued his second realist novel,...

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By early November 1884

George Moore issued his second realistnovel, A Mummer's Wife, through Henry Vizetelly after several rejections.

1885: Vizetelly published George Moore's Literature...

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Vizetelly published George Moore 's Literature at Nurse; or Circulating Morals, followed up Moore's earlier attack on the censorship exercised by circulating libraries.


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