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Occupation Ella D'Arcy
As well as a writer, EDA was an editor, assistant to Henry Harland on the avant-garde Yellow Book, published by John Lane of the Bodley Head . Sources agree on this, though she herself...
Publishing Eliza Haywood
Hatchett, Haywood's lover or partner, had already published an original pornographic fiction, The Chinese Tale. Their translation was published on 27 April 1742 as The Sopha: a Moral Tale. Advertisements for The Settee...
Textual Features Hannah More
HM 's spiritual diary survives only in parts: The diary for the year 1794, extant at the Clark Library in Los Angeles, shows, says biographer Anne Stott , how the amusing companion and the...
Textual Production Ella D'Arcy
Letters from EDA to John Lane , now in the Clark Library in Los Angeles, were edited by Allan Anderson in 1990.
Textual Production Hannah More
The Clark Library acquired in 1997 the original letters on which William Roberts (1767-1849) based his Memoir of HM in her Works of 1834. These show that Roberts had suppressed some material, particularly over the...
Textual Production Hannah More
HM was a formidably energetic letter-writer all her life, from her early visits to London, which produced scintillating and gossippy letters home, to her old age. Individual collections reached print, like those to Zachary Macaulay
Textual Production Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Many of JFLW 's letters (mostly to Oscar ) are held in the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library in Los Angeles. Other letter collections are held at the University of Reading (which has typed...


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