William Roberts

Standard Name: Roberts, William,, 1767 - 1849
Used Form: Alfred William Roberts


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Cultural formation Hannah More
HM had almost no contact with the Methodists, but despite her strong commitment to the Church of England she was broadly tolerant of classical Nonconformity . During the Blagdon controversy she admitted in a letter...
Family and Intimate relationships Radagunda Roberts
Mary and Margaret's brother Alfred William , RR 's nephew, wrote and edited Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Hannah More, 1834. He has been criticised for meddlesome editing and for slanting More's...
Reception Hannah More
From her youth, HM tended to be regarded as a formidable person. Those describing her reached for martial metaphors. During her lifetime her works aroused intense admiration and opposition. She was one of the twenty-four...
Textual Production Hannah More
The Clark Library acquired in 1997 the original letters on which William Roberts (1767-1849) based his Memoir of HM in her Works of 1834. These show that Roberts had suppressed some material, particularly over the...


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