Zachary Macaulay

Standard Name: Macaulay, Zachary


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Heyrick
He was a descendant of the poet Robert Herrick and related to the abolitionist Zachary Macaulay . The couple first saw each other at a music meeting.
Beale, Catherine Hutton, editor. Catherine Hutton and Her Friends. Cornish Brothers.
He was a fond but possessive husband...
Family and Intimate relationships Thomas Babington, first Baron Macaulay
His father, Zachary Macaulay , was prominent both in the Clapham Sect and as an abolitionist. His relationship with his father is treated in Catherine Hall 's double biography, Macaulay and Son: Architects of Imperial...
Friends, Associates Hannah More
Many of her later friends were at least a generation younger than she was. She met many members of the Clapham Sect in the 1790s, of whom Henry Thornton and his daughter Marianne became particularly...
Literary responses Hannah More
Next year saw a rich crop of reviews. Sydney Smith in the Edinburgh Review, while praising HM 's style and her skill at manipulating her readers, damned the novel as over-moralized, strained and unnatural...
Textual Production Hannah More
HM was a formidably energetic letter-writer all her life, from her early visits to London, which produced scintillating and gossippy letters home, to her old age. Individual collections reached print, like those to Zachary Macaulay


mid 1792-1815: These were the active years of the informal...

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mid 1792-1815

These were the active years of the informal evangelical Anglican group later called the Clapham Sect (then known as the Saints ).

By November 1802: The Society for the Suppression of Vice was...

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By November 1802

The Society for the Suppression of Vice was founded in London and grew into the gap left by the Proclamation Society ; ironically, it was often called the Vice Society.


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