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Education Sybille Bedford
The idea had been that Jack and Suzan Robbins should select a boarding school for Sibylle and have her to stay for the holidays. Instead, with the money provided by her family and trustees, they...
Family and Intimate relationships Alice Dixon Le Plongeon
Alice's eldest brother Thomas James , worked as a photographer with their father, and took over the business after his death. Her brother Harry was trained in painting and sculpture, and some of his paintings...
Family and Intimate relationships Freya Stark
FS 's father, Robert Stark , had left his family at Torquay in Devon to study art in Rome and was on a visit to his uncle's home near Florence, when he met his first...
Family and Intimate relationships Julia Strachey
They had first met and begun to live together in 1939. Gowing (seventeen years younger than Strachey) was a painter, educator, and critic who acted as a Tate Gallery trustee,
Strachey, Julia, and Frances Partridge. Julia: A Portrait of Julia Strachey. Little, Brown.
from 1948 to 1958...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Wickham
After AW 's marriage, Alice Harper returned to London briefly and opened a physiognomy parlour in Regent Street. She also became involved in Annie Besant 's Theosophist movement.
Hepburn, James et al. “Anna Wickham: A Memoir”. The Writings of Anna Wickham, Free Woman and Poet, edited by Reginald Donald Smith, Virago Press, pp. 1-48.
Wickham, Anna et al. “Fragment of an Autobiography: Prelude to a Spring Clean”. The Writings of Anna Wickham Free Woman and Poet, edited by Reginald Donald Smith, Virago Press, pp. 51-157.
A portrait of Alice...
Leisure and Society Millicent Garrett Fawcett
MGF was painted several times. The National Portrait Gallery has a portrait of her and her husband by Ford Madox Brown , commissioned by family friend and politician Sir Charles Dilke and painted in 1874...
Leisure and Society Mary Wollstonecraft
The painter John Opie did a portrait of her at this time (now in Tate Britain ) which shows her wearing a fashionable, curled white wig. This seems to have been a studio prop, since...
Material Conditions of Writing Grace Nichols
GN 's Paint Me a Poem appeared, containing twenty-six poems for children which are the fruit of her spell as Writer-in-Residence at the Tate Gallery in 1999-2000 (its final year before becoming Tate Britain ).
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.
Author summary Dora Carrington
DC is known predominantly for her personal relationships with writer Lytton Strachey and other members of the Bloomsbury Group, but she produced much striking work—visual and literary—herself. André Derain and Simon Bussy gave her...
Reception Fleur Adcock
She has recorded five of her poems for The Poetry Archive. They are headed with a quotation from her Leaving the Tate: Art's whatever you choose to frame.
The Poetry Archive. http://www.poetryarchive.org/poetryarchive/home.do.
Judging a poetry competition for...
Reception Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Elgee's translation gained this novel a wider audience. In later years Dante Gabriel Rossetti developed a positive passion for it, and it became very popular with the Pre-Raphaelites .
Murray, Isobel. “Sidonia the Sorceress: Pre-Raphaelite Cult Book”. Durham University Journal, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 53-7.
Edward Burne-Jones produced watercolours of...
Reception Anna Atkins
One of her cyanotype prints from this book, the beautiful Papaver [poppy] orientale, was selected as the first illustration in the Tate Gallery 's catalogue How We Are: Photographing Britain, 2007.
Williams, Val, and Susan Bright. How We Are: Photographing Britain. Tate Publishing.
Textual Features Anne Stevenson
Many of these poems are occasional. Journal Entry: Ward's Island, inscribed to Lauris Edmond , recalls minus-eighteen-degree weather on the last day of a poetry festival in Toronto in February 1989. (AS describes...
Textual Production Dora Carrington
Carrington's paintings are housed in such institutions as the Scottish National Portrait Gallery , the Tate Gallery , the Slade School of Art , and private collections. Many of her papers, mainly letters and diaries...
Textual Production Wendy Cope
Many of these poems first appeared in newspapers and periodicals: the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, Oxford Poetry, Poetry Review, and so on, and one pseudonymously as a submission...


1801: Philip James de Loutherbourg painted Coalbrookdale...

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Philip James de Loutherbourg painted Coalbrookdale by Night, a theatrically romantic picture of a famous industrial village: houses perched on the valley cliffs, with a clouded sky glaring red from furnaces.

25 November 1841: Sculptor Sir Francis Chantrey died, leaving...

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25 November 1841

Sculptor Sir Francis Chantrey died, leaving conditions in his will that after the death of his wife, more than £100,000 would be left to set up a national public collection of fine art in Britain.

1890: The Tate Gallery purchased its first work...

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The Tate Gallery purchased its first work of art from a female artist, Anna Lea Merritt 's Love Locked Out.

1896: Painter Mildred Anne Butler's watercolor...

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Painter Mildred Anne Butler 's watercolor The Morning Bath was purchased for the Tate Gallery in London by the Chantrey Bequest.

1947: Painter Prunella Clough gave her first solo...

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Painter Prunella Clough gave her first solo exhibition at the Leger Gallery in London.

1987: The Tate Gallery bought Sonia Boyce's drawing...

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The Tate Gallery bought Sonia Boyce 's drawing entitled Missionary Position II. Boyce was the first black female artist to enter the collection and, she later discovered to her shock, only the fifth woman.

12 May 2000: The Tate Gallery in London opened a new,...

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12 May 2000

The Tate Gallery in London opened a new, separate, and larger institution: the Tate Modern on Bankside; from now on the old Tate would be known as Tate Britain .


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