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Education Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
The final stage in EBO 's education came when she enrolled as an art student at the West London School of Art (a branch of the more famous South Kensington School of Art ) and...
Education Dinah Mulock Craik
DMC also studied drawing with Mrs Fanny McIan at the Government School of Design in Somerset House.
Mitchell, Sally. Dinah Mulock Craik. Twayne.
Education Kate Greenaway
From an early age, KG showed artistic promise, and her father encouraged her artistic inclinations. At the age of twelve, she began taking classes at Finsbury School of Art , and she studied there for...
Education Nina Hamnett
NH was a student at the London School of Art (then known as Brangwyn's after its most popular professor, Frank Brangwyn ).
Hooker, Denise. Nina Hamnett: queen of bohemia. Constable and Company Limited.
Education Una Troubridge
Margot Taylor (later UT ) held a scholarship which she won at the age of thirteen to the Royal College of Art in London.
Ormrod, Richard. Una Troubridge: The Friend of Radclyffe Hall. Carroll and Graf.
Cline, Sally. Radclyffe Hall: A Woman Called John. John Murray.
Baker, Michael. Our Three Selves: The Life of Radclyffe Hall. Hamish Hamilton.
Education Nina Hamnett
NH , deadly serious and determined to get on (whereas most of the girls there were marking time until marriage), studied under an old Scotsman who painted curious pictures of Highlanders and romantic scenes at...
Education Nina Hamnett
When she resumed classes at the London School of Art after her summer in Russia in 1909, NH had to take on the additional role of massiere (managing the models in the absence of the...
Education Augusta Webster
Suffragist historian Ray Strachey relates that AW jeopardized the prospects of women students at the South Kensington Art School when she was expelled for whistling.
Strachey, Ray. The Cause: A Short History of the Women’s Movement in Great Britain. Virago.
Webster, Augusta. “Introduction”. Portraits and Other Poems, edited by Christine Sutphin, Broadview, pp. 9-37.
Employer Iris Murdoch
Having left St Anne's with the idea of securing more time for her writing, IM was a part-time lecturer in philosophy at the Royal College of Art in London.
Conradi, Peter J. Iris Murdoch. A Life. HarperCollins.
469 and n4
Conradi, Peter J. “A Literary Witness to Good and Evil”. Guardian Weekly, Guardian Publications, p. 24.
Todd, Richard. Iris Murdoch. Methuen.
Employer Ann Quin
On leaving school at seventeen, AQ took a position as an assistant stage manager for a theatre company. She made coffee, sewed, scrubbed, and shifted scenery. After six weeks she had a row with the...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Horovitz
They had met in 1960 when Frances joined a group of Blake admirers involved with Michael's radical magazine, New Departures, which he had founded in 1959 and which he published and edited. New Departures
Family and Intimate relationships Freya Stark
FS 's father, Robert Stark , had left his family at Torquay in Devon to study art in Rome and was on a visit to his uncle's home near Florence, when he met his first...
Family and Intimate relationships Nina Hamnett
NH had her first romantic relationship at the London School of Art , with another student known among her circle as The Genius. He specialized in painting souls in torture.
Hamnett, Nina. Laughing Torso. Ray Long & Richard R. Smith, Inc.
NH posed...
Friends, Associates Iris Murdoch
IM regularly extended the hand of friendship to people in trouble. As a single example, JoŽe and Marija Jančar , Catholic Slovenes whom she met as displaced persons in Austria, turned to her for help...
Friends, Associates Ann Quin
Working at the Royal College of Art brought AQ into close proximity with pop art creators like David Hockney and Pauline Boty .
Quin, Ann. “Introduction”. The Unmapped Country: Stories and Fragments, edited by Jennifer Hodgson, And Other Stories, pp. 7-12.


1837: The Government School of Design was established...

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The Government School of Design was established in London.

1853: The Government School of Design (founded...

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The Government School of Design (founded in 1837) moved to South Kensington, where it became the greatly expanded National Art Training School .

May 1885: John Callcott Horsley, Rector of the Royal...

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May 1885

John Callcott Horsley , Rector of the Royal Academy , first stated his objection to the use of nude female models in a letter to The Times which he signed a British Matron.

1896: The National Art Training School in South...

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The National Art Training School in South Kensington (its site since 1853) became the Royal College of Art , with a focus on art and design practice.

1900: Gertrude Jekyll published her influential,...

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Gertrude Jekyll published her influential, highly personal Home and Garden, which describes the creation of her famous cottage garden at Munstead Wood in Surrey.

1948: The fashion program at the Royal College...

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The fashion program at the Royal College of Art (in London) was founded .


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