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Education Charlotte Stopes
She was later a freelance research student at both the Public Record Office and the British Museum .
Who Was Who. A. and C. Black.
Literary responses Anna Eliza Bray
Many readers were convinced that the book contained real loveletters, including an official at the State Paper Office (now the National Archives) who supposed that AB had performed only minor editing on original archival material...
Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Strickland
Of these lengthy and detailed lives fourteen were written entirely by Agnes and nineteen by Elizabeth; often a single volume included lives by each sister. Yet the sole authorship of Agnes is assumed in many...
Material Conditions of Writing Angela Thirkell
She began working on this a little before her collection of children's stories. She was at first intimidated by the idea of doing historical, archival research. Her publisher, Hamilton , encouraged her, and when she...
Material Conditions of Writing Daphne Du Maurier
Before writing the novel, DDM employed research assistants in London to send her information from the British Museum and the Public Record Office s. She studied letters, newspapers, and diaries of the period (Clarke's activities...
Material Conditions of Writing Elspeth Huxley
Encouraged by her friendship with Peter Scott , the explorer's son, EH spent a whole month, plus additional shorter periods, in research at the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge, and also visited the...
Textual Features Lady Eleanor Douglas
They are All the kings of the earth shall prayse thee (the germ of LED 's first published work, of which a single copy survives at the Public Record Office ),
Feroli, Teresa, and Lady Eleanor Douglas. “Introduction”. Eleanor Davies, Ashgate, p. ix - xii.
Woe to the...
Textual Features Barbara Pym
This novel takes a darker view of relationships than most of Pym's earlier works, depicting suburbia as inhabited by misfits and eccentric loners,
Wyatt-Brown, Anne M. Barbara Pym: A Critical Biography. University of Missouri Press.
all struggling, mostly in vain, for affection and happiness.
Wyatt-Brown, Anne M. Barbara Pym: A Critical Biography. University of Missouri Press.
Textual Production Agnes Strickland
Both sisters were indefatigable researchers. They took as their motto Facts, not Opinions
Pope-Hennessy, Una. Agnes Strickland: Biographer of the Queens of England. Chatto and Windus.
(though they were more willing to editorialise than the motto might suggest). They lobbied politicians, pulling every possible string to secure...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
AB 's intelligence reports from Antwerp are in the Public Record Office , London: their number is SO 29.
Todd, Janet. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn. Rutgers University Press.
Todd believes that eight self-revealing and cajoling
Todd, Janet. The Secret Life of Aphra Behn. Rutgers University Press.
letters printed in AB 's The...
Textual Production Anne Wentworth
These survive in the Public Record Office , and were published in 1911 in Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1677-8, edited by F. H. Blackburne Daniell . They are now available online.
Freeman, Curtis W., editor. “Introduction”. A Company of Women Preachers, Baylor University Press, pp. 1-41.
Textual Production Frances Brooke
Harvard University holds the manuscript of a pastoral, a farce, letters. In 2011 Harvard reported that it had digitized twenty-four letters from her to Richard Gifford (plus letters from Gifford to Brooke, and songs in...
Textual Production Anne Conway
This correspondence is just part of a large haul discovered by Horace Walpole in August 1758, lying around disregarded at Ragley Hall, partly rotten and partly gnawed by rats. Walpole rescued the collection and...
Textual Production Lady Eleanor Douglas
LED wrote a Spirituall Antheme, now in the Public Record Office (State Papers Domestic).
Douglas, Lady Eleanor. Prophetic Writings of Lady Eleanor Davies. Editor Cope, Esther S., Oxford University Press.
Textual Production Laetitia-Matilda Hawkins
The lost and unidentified novel published by Hookham was the first of a series by LMH that appeared without her name. Even Hookham was not let into the secret of her identity until 1792, and...


13 December 1476: William Caxton printed a Papal Indulgence...

Building item

13 December 1476

William Caxton printed a Papal Indulgence on which a contemporary hand added this date, which makes it Caxton's earliest known printing in England.

1838: The Public Record Office was founded by Act...

National or international item


The Public Record Office was founded by Act of Parliament, to preserve in one place records from every government department that were deemed to have potential historical interest.

7 December 1875: The Historical Manuscripts Commission was...

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7 December 1875

The Historical Manuscripts Commission was constituted, with a brief to catalogue material in private archives.


Caxton’s Printed Indulgence. National Archives,