Anne Irwin

Standard Name: Irwin, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Howard
Styled: Lady Anne Howard
Married Name: Lady Anne Ingram
Titled: Lady Anne Ingram, Viscountess Irwin
Pseudonym: A Lady
Each of AI 's two substantial surviving poems is a thoughtful variation on an established eighteenth-century genre, the topographical poem and the philosophical epistle. She was also a witty and entertaining letter-writer.


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Dedications Ann Gomersall
It appeared in two volumes, undated, printed for the authoress, by the Literary Society at the Logographic Press
English Short Title Catalogue.
which suggests collaboration or co-operation between a group founded by John Trusler and a publishing house...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Savage
A Letter to Miss E.B. on Marriage comments acutely on the conduct-book market: every He that writes claims a superior recipe for form[ing] the tender virgin's mind.
Savage, Mary. Poems on Various Subjects and Occasions. C. Parker.
2: 4
Their recipes all boil down to...
Publishing Elizabeth Carter
The book had gone to press in June 1757.
Feminist Companion Archive.
The original press run of 1,018 copies had to be supplemented with a further 250. First of several more editions was the Dublin one of the...
Publishing Mary Jones
This volume was dedicated to the Princess of Orange : Anne, daughter of George II and the late Queen Caroline . The princess's mother had been a patron of MJ 's friend Martha Lovelace, later...
Textual Features Mary Collier
The other contents of her Poems are in their way as remarkable as The Woman's Labour. She versifies both a Spectator essay (number 375) and passages from the Bible. Of these, Three Wise...
Textual Features Mary Oxlie
The poem gives ten lines to humble self-deprecation, in iambic pentameter couplets: a metre which serves to separate this passage from the rest, since the remaining 42 lines, which praise Drummond 's descriptive powers, are...
Textual Features Mary Robinson
To demonstrate, as well as arguing for, mental equality, MR learnedly surveys the course of political and literary history. She honours many women writers of the past (Aphra Behn and Susanna Centlivre as well...
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
The Family Miscellany, collected and transcribed by JCM 's brother Ashley Cowper , dated 1747 and now British Library MS Add. 28,101, includes plenty of poems by Ashley himself and plenty more ascribed to...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Masters
A few of the letters discuss female friendship and feminist opinion, as if seeking to raise the consciousness of the recipient. Some in this category occur at random among other letters. Most treat topics of...


Christmas Day 1699 : Playwright and amateur architect John Vanbrugh...

Building item

Christmas Day 1699

Playwright and amateur architect John Vanbrugh recorded in a letter his progress on designs for an ambitious rebuilding of Castle Howard in Yorkshire in the style later called English baroque.


Irwin, Anne. “An Epistle to Mr. Pope. By a Lady. Occasioned by his Characters of Women”. Gentleman’s Magazine.
Irwin, Anne. Castle-Howard. Printed by E. Owen, 1732.