National Health Service


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Employer P. D. James
PDJ worked for the new National Health Service as an administrative assistant at the Northwest Regional Hospital Board , in London.
Gidez, Richard. P. D. James. Twayne.
chronology, 2
Family and Intimate relationships Zadie Smith
ZS 's mother was born in Jamaica (as Yvonne Maclean ) and migrated to England at the age of fifteen. She worked as a model in the fashion industry, then as a secretary. After taking...
Health Michèle Roberts
She had what was probably an abortion in her late twenties, when this was breaking the law. Her period was two weeks late; she did not think she would qualify for an abortion from the...
Literary responses U. A. Fanthorpe
UAF 's poetry was broadcast on the BBC 's Woman's Hour and selected for Poems on the Underground. She was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1987, a CBE in...
Occupation Hannah More
The Female Friendly Society founded at Cheddar by the Mores aimed to empower families living at subsistence level to protect themselves against disaster. It lasted until its functions were taken over by the National Health Service
politics Sylvia Townsend Warner
SWT concerned herself with local as well as national politics, and was alert to issues involving the countryside and the environment. She was a sponsor of the Rachel Carson Trust .
Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Gale Research.
60: 408
She praised...
Textual Features Brigid Brophy
This text constitutes an indictment of many aspects of the National Health Service , not least the system of time-tabling visits to doctors' surgeries. It is also a vivid account of the detail and the...
Textual Production Rosalind Coward
Her weekly Guardian column Looking after Mother followed the life of her aged parent, treating with a mixture of the biting and the humorous such experiences as all too frequent medical appointments at which it...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Nina Bawden
The book is an intimate account of her family and her personal relations with them—it is dedicated to them, and it includes a selection of family photographs covering five generations. It is rich with remembered...


1920: Dr Hugh Crichton-Miller established the Tavistock...

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Dr Hugh Crichton-Miller established the Tavistock Clinic in Tavistock Square, London, to provide psychological treatment to the general population and to further research into the prevention and treatment of mental illness.

July 1928: Jennie Lee, a Scottish coalminer's daughter,...

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July 1928

Jennie Lee , a Scottish coalminer's daughter, was selected as Labour candidate for the constituency of Lanarkshire; she was elected to the House of Commons as its youngest member in a by-election in February...

February 1936: The awesome trio of political theorist Harold...

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February 1936

The awesome trio
Laity, Paul. “The left’s ace of clubs”. Guardian Unlimited.
of political theorist Harold Laski , publisher Victor Gollancz , and writer and Labour MP John Strachey established the Left Book Club (LBC) .

Early May 1948: The BMA (British Medical Association) reversed...

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Early May 1948

The BMA (British Medical Association) reversed a decision taken in February and advised the medical profession to co-operate with the institution of a National Health Service .

1 July 1948: The British Labour government's Town and...

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1 July 1948

The BritishLabour government's Town and Country Planning Act 1947, which introduced a system of planning for urban and industrial development, came into effect.

5 July 1948: The Labour government introduced the newly...

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5 July 1948

The Labour government introduced the newly created National Health Service , as part of a near-comprehensive system of social insurance.

1949: The research programme Mass-Observation published...

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The research programme Mass-Observation published Meet Yourself at the Doctor's, a collection of comments on the fairly recently founded National Health Service .

26 October 1951: At the general election the postwar reforming...

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26 October 1951

At the general election the postwar reforming Labour government of Clement Attlee polled the highest number of votes it had ever received, but fewer seats than before: it was ousted by the Conservatives under Winston Churchill

Later 1960: Oral contraceptives, popularly known as the...

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Later 1960

Oral contraceptives, popularly known as the Pill, marketed by Searle under the name of Enovid, gained approval for use in Britain by the Family Planning Association .

4 December 1961: As announced at the beginning of this year,...

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4 December 1961

As announced at the beginning of this year, the contraceptive pill became available on the National Health Service .
Bowes, Claire. Email to the Women’s Library about a fiftieth anniversary BBC program.

1964: The Brooks Advisory Centre (supported by...

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The Brooks Advisory Centre (supported by the Family Planning Association ) gave birth control advice to unmarried women for the first time.

1969: The National Health Service allowed birth...

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The National Health Service allowed birth control advice to be given to unmarried women.

1974: The National Health Service accepted responsibility...

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The National Health Service accepted responsibility for family planning clinics and the Family Planning Association started to hand over its established network of more than a thousand clinics.

1977: Local Health Authorities were empowered to...

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Local Health Authorities were empowered to provide vasectomies under the National Health Service .

1979: The British Medical Association appointed...

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The British Medical Association appointed its first female president, obstetrician and gynaecologist Dame Josephine Barnes , two years after her retirement from the National Health Service .


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