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Publishing Ethel M. Dell
Her first acceptances came from romantic magazines. On the matter of business terms, however, she was hard-headed. She declined to publish with F. V. White and Co. because I did not consider their terms sufficiently...
Publishing Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
The 1880s marked the beginning of MCH 's relationship with publisher F. V. White . Houstoun informed Helen C. Black , who was interviewing her for a book, that He stands high amongst the publishers...
Publishing Harriett Jay
The first edition of HJ 's novel A Marriage of Convenience appeared through the New York publisher G. Munro . F. V. White issued the British edition by July 1885.
Jay, Harriett. A Marriage of Convenience. F.V. White, 1885.
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Athenæum. J. Lection.
3011 (1885): 45
Publishing Harriett Jay
This first edition was the only one until publisher F. V. White put out a new edition in 1967. HJ dedicated the novel to Mary Anne Stirling , a fellow actress.
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Jay, Harriett. Two Men and a Maid. F.V. White, 1881.
1: v-vi
Textual Production May Crommelin
MC chose one of her alternative publishers, F. V. White , for the Northern Irish novel whose full title was Divil-May-Care alias Richard Burke sometime Adjutant of the Black Northerners.
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“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
35705 (21 December 1898): 8
Textual Production Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH published a three-volume novel, His Besetting Sin, by means of which she hoped to obtain an enquiry into the case of Frances Stallard , unjustly condemned to death for infanticide eleven years before...
Textual Production Charlotte Eliza Humphry
CEH published in London, through F. V. White and Co. , a 308-page volume entitled Housekeeping: A Guide to Domestic Management.
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C19: The Nineteenth Century Index.
Textual Production John Strange Winter
Confessions of a Publisher: Being the Autobiography of Abel Drinkwater, JSW 's short satirical novel about the literary industry, was published in London by F. V. White .
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Winter, John Strange. The Soul of the Bishop. F. V. White and Co., 1893.
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