May Crommelin

Standard Name: Crommelin, May
Birth Name: Maria Henrietta de la Cherois Crommelin
Self-constructed Name: May
In the fifty years following 1874 MC published an average of over a book a year, besides contributions, mostly fictional, to magazines. Most of her books are novels and most of those are romances. Some of her projects (an Islamic heroine in a harem, a woman Master of Foxhounds) sound more subversively feminist than their treatment makes them; her plots and sentiments in general support the status quo. She also diverged into travel writing (a notable success), anthologizing, and a story for children.


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Textual Features Helen Mathers
HM 's chapter introduces Fenella, but since the novel was written by both male and female authors with varying ideas, Fenella's character develops as the product of what critic Andrew Maunder characterizes as a kind...


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