Frances Stallard

Standard Name: Stallard, Frances


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Occupation Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
During the last two decades of her life MCH concerned herself with the state of the prisons and the fate of their inmates. Having written to the newspapers about Fanny Stallard , she enlisted male...
Publishing Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
Probably some time in later 1877, during her campaign to save Frances Isabella Stallard from being hanged as an alleged child-murderer, MCHventure[d] on a short appeal in favour of the Prisoner to some of...
Textual Production Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH published a three-volume novel, His Besetting Sin, by means of which she hoped to obtain an enquiry into the case of Frances Stallard , unjustly condemned to death for infanticide eleven years before...
Textual Production Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH published as one of Blackett 's Select Shilling Novels series a lengthy pamphlet, Only a Woman's Life, By One Who Saved It, about her intervention on behalf of Fanny Stallard , who was condemned for child-murder.
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Travel Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH happened to visit Chale in the Isle of Wight in summer 1877 at the time when a local girl, Fanny Stallard , had recently been sentenced to death on the charge of murdering her...


28 March 1877: By her own later account Frances Isabella...

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28 March 1877

By her own later account Frances Isabella Stallard left her mother's cottage in a distraught condition with her sickly illegitimate toddler, who then died of exposure; her trial found her guilty of murder.


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